Fwd: Wheel Of Excuses


Anonymous said...

All true, including Hillary was a crappy candidate. And even then, the stars had to align perfectly for the comb-over cheeto to win.

delagar said...

"Russian Meddling"? Is that how RWD spells "Trump campaign committed treason"?

CharlieE said...

Hillary was regarded as a crappy candidate because many people believed things about here that weren't true.

She is a competent slightly right of center moderate. She also had the added benefit of having at least a clue as to how our system of government works, which is a bonus.

That said, she won the most votes by a large margin. Comey's meddling was enough to change the outcome.

That said, I'm sure Republicans are delighted with the outcome.

BTW - how's that healthcare thing working out? Or the wall? The immigration ban? Tax cuts? Job creation?

Anonymous said...

Still thinking about Hillary, huh wingnuts? She's living rent free in your heads. Maybe that's why, despite controlling the entire government, the GOP can't manage to stop tripping over their own dicks.

ferschitz said...

As a formerly life-long Democrat, I personally didn't like Clinton (don't like either one). I did think she was the wrong candidate to run this time, and frankly, I thought she ran a terrible campaign. Clinton decided to appeal to white urban and suburban Republicans (you can look it up), and pretty much refused to campaign in several states where the "deplorables" live, such as PA, MI, WI.

Clinton didn't really discuss - or discuss often enough - her plans for people who are truly hurting by 40 years of Neoliberal policies that the Democratic party embrace just as strongly as the Republicans do.

I heard gossip (who knows if true?) that Bill was really angry with her campaign manager, Robbie Mook for embracing the Ada programming that showed that Hillary should campaign more towards the middle and upper class voters. It's likely this is true, as Bill - as craven and bought off as he is - does "get it" that many US citizens have been left behind after decades of socializing the profits for the upper one percent and privatizing the losses on the backs of the middle class and the poor.

Yes, Clinton did the majority of the votes, but it was very poor campaign strategy given that Trump made no bones about the fact that he was going straight for the Electoral College. That Mook and Clinton totally ignored that, that they apparently ignored all of the many highly attended campaign rallies that Trump held while Clinton held few - all of this information points to an incredibly poorly run campaign.

The race was Clinton's to lose, and she frickin lost it to Trump. Clinton and Ds should be hanging their heads in shame for how lousy they did, but, instead, they aren't. So I expect nothing to change from that bought off "third way" party.

I will agree, however, that Comey did play a big role in damping down the vote for Clinton with his last minute - and imo completely bogus - reveal about Clinton's emails. And now we find out - months later - that Comey and the FBI were actually surveilling Trump for Russian connections as well. But eh? Comey neglected to reveal that info. The FBI definitely played a role in the election, which really really ticks me off.

Wonder if Comey is happy with the outcome now?

I personally don't think there's much "there" in terms of Trump's alleged ties with Russia. That's just me, but so far I'm not seeing anything that's a real red flag. Time will tell if I'm wrong or not.

That said, I think Trump will continue to suck as POTUS. He's not prepared for the job; he's remarkably incurious about everything; and he's been a lousy businessman anyway. Why citizens think he's got these great "skills" is beyond me. After spending months on the campaign trail extolling about how he KNEW how to repeal and replace ACA with something "much better," when he got in office, suddenly it was like: Gosh golly gee whiz, this is complicated. No sh*t Sherlock. Can't wait to see what other "tricks" this bought off billionaire has up his sleeve. Ugh.

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