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I hope you get this!!!

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Took me a couple of tries to get this to open.

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This sums it up pretty good.

This anti-Hillary Video is Going Massively Viral - Hillary Wants It Hidden!

Watch this hugely viral video before Hillary has it taken down....
The newest anti-Hillary video takes a different spin on the fatal flaws of Hillary Clinton and does it in a hilarious way that even liberals will be able to understand.  😁  The cartoon video portrays Hillary for what she really is – "a liberal elitist career politician who does what all of the liberal elitists try to do, she just does it better".  It takes many shots at Hillary, and lands a death blow with, "Bribes sound so much nicer when you call them speaking fees." 
Some folks have tried to share this video on Facebook, but couldn't.  They have it blocked.
MUST SEE!  This is making political satire GREAT!!!   Hillaryous ! 


Anonymous said...

If you have to proclaim something is funny, it's probably not.

Anonymous said...

Not even remotely funny.

The laugh track sounds like trained, barking seals.

ferschitz said...

Can't be bothered. Hillary lost. Get over it, sore winners.

CharlieE said...


Yeah, Hillary lost. You know - by getting a couple of million more votes than her opponent.

Anonymous said...

"Bribes sound so much nicer when you call them speaking fees."



"IF YOU WANT TO BOOK the former House speaker (Newt Gingrich) for a D.C. speech, it will now cost you $25,000 plus ground transportation. For speeches east of Chicago, he’s charging $60,000 plus first class travel for two, and for speeches west of Chicago, he’s asking $75,000 plus first class travel for two.”

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