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Pastor Jack Graham opinion on a Political Candidate
Prestonwood Baptist Church
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Subject:  Christian Values

An Opinion about Donald Trump from a Southern Baptist pastor Jack Graham

His thoughts regarding Trump.

Of course, Evangelicals can vote for Trump

I want to address the Crisis of Conscience that many Conservative Evangelicalsface when wrestling with what to do with Donald Trump.

As a pastor, I have been party to countless conversations among fellow Christians about whether to support Mr. Trump, or not.

While I do not endorse candidates, 

I could easily vote for Mr. Trump this November without endorsing him, his behavior, 
his language or his “temperament”.

Let me explain.

To use the now cliché line in many faith circles, we are electing a Commander in Chief, not a Theologian in Chief. 

His words and behavior have left many conservatives thinking, “we want to support you Mr.Trump, but why must you make it so difficult?”

It is true we have some concerns.  At the same time, we must Face the Facts.

Mr. Trump has ignited a movement that most of us didn’t see coming. I certainly didn’t. 

He has been underestimated time and again and despite the establishment’s most ardent efforts to block his nomination, his core appeal resiliently overshadows his flaws.

After spending much of my morning yesterday with Mr. Trump in a small meeting in his office and in a larger meeting attended by 1000 of the nation’s most influential Christian leaders, I would vote for Donald Trump because he has convinced me he will fight for the issues that matter most to conservatives.  

And one thing is certain with Mr. Trump –  for better or worse, he’s not afraid of a fight.

It’s Trump’s position on three key issues that encourage me. 

The first - and most important - is that of The Supreme Court. Trump’s campaign recently released a list of potential Supreme Court Nominees, all of which are judges who will uphold the constitutionwithout attempting to legislate from the bench. 

I cannot overstate the importance of this. 

Any honest conservative should commend this list of nominees.

The second issue is the protection and sanctity of life. Now I know that candidate Trump has changed his position on this particular issue and many question his sincerity. 

But, I’m a pastor and I love it when someone changes their mind and comes over to the right side of an issue!

I choose to believe Mr. Trump has truly converted to support life and will be a protector of the unborn.

And what is thealternative?

Hillary Clinton is clearly in favor of legalized abortion. 

There is no choice here for me and millions of evangelical Christians. We will vote life every time. We will vote principle over personality, party, or our pocket books.

The last issue is that of Religious Liberty. 

Trump has brought greater voice to the concerns held by many Americans when it comes to our faith. 

With a great marketer’s instinct, he sums it up like this, “When I’m President, 

we’ll say Merry Christmas again.”

It’s an impressively simplistic - but effective  - way of articulating a widely held conviction.  

As Christians, we believe the left’s agenda is to marginalize Christianity to the sidelines, diminishing our influence and many of the faith traditions we cherish.

Mr. Trump, to his credit, has made considerable efforts to include evangelicals in his campaign to lead the nation. 

He has spoken positively and persuasively of his desire to support Christian faith in America. 

We know he has stated many times that he is for us and not against us.

These are the reasons I could vote for Mr. Trump, and encourage others to do the same.

Actually, it’s not that difficult.

Donald Trump says he will support those issues that conservative evangelicals care about.

Hillary Clinton promises she won’t.

I know this as a fact: it is critical that Christian citizens prayerfully vote and participate in the election process. The future of our country depends upon it.

Dr. Jack Graham is a former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in metropolitan Dallas, one of the ten largest churches in America.


Anonymous said...

Doubtful this is attributed correctly, but if it is...

Yeah, you're electing a Theologian in Chief if you're rambling on about:
Merry Christmas Bullshit
Religious Liberty Discrimination
Marginalized Christianity Victimhood
Christian Faith in America

And you're a pious hypocrite if you ignore Trump's:
Predatory behavior
Discrimination against minorities
Encouragement of Anti-Semitism
Failure to pay taxes for 20 years
Xenophobic stance
Scamming donors to his Foundation
Scamming students at his "University"
and much more...

gruaud said...

Fake Christians tying themselves into knots to justify voting for an obviously immoral, misogynistic fascist. Tell me more about your so-called values.

CharlieE said...

I would vote for Donald Trump because he has convinced me he will fight for the issues that matter most to conservatives.

Why would he do that? Why, as a professed Christian, wouldn't he be more interested in voting for someone who was willing to fight for the issues that matter most to Christ, such as caring for the sick and the poor?

Son of Strom said...

I guess I'll have to vote for him.
I have so much wanted to be able to say "Merry Christmas" these past few years, but I feared for my life here in South Carolina were I to utter such a phrase.

ferschitz said...

This election has certainly demonstrated beyond any doubt whatsoever the abject amoral, immoral, ludicrous, ridiculous & outrageous hypocrisy of so-called "Christians," especially putative "Evangelicals" who wish to inflict "Christian" Sharia on all the rest of us.

They are STILL ranting and shrieking about Bill Clinton's blow job, but NOW "god" has sent them Donald Trump, who will do all their moral, high holy bullshit 'n stuff.

What a frickin load of steaming, unfiltered bullshit.

But we all knew that all along. Just illustrates their amoral, greedy, grifting, bullshit hypocrisy all along.

When I hear feckless loser Donald Trump "Christiany" fans whining endlessly about how Trump will "protect their religious liberty" I just wanna barf. WHAT "religious liberty" do they need "protecting"??

Ship of fools.

If this wasn't written by Dr. Jack Graham, it could easily have been written by Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwall, Pat Buchanan and a whole host of other greedy, grifting, lying bullshit artists in the so-called "Christian" churches. Feck 'em all. Pharisees.

Pikaman said...

"I could easily vote for Mr. Trump this November without endorsing him, his behavior,his language or his “temperament”."

But those things are qualities you want in a good president. Trump has none of these. In fact, you'd be helping to elect one of the most un-Christ-like candidates in history.

If you're that angry about hearing "happy holidays", i really want to ask, why? This is the most vapid cause to fight for.

Single issue voters like these are the worst kind of voters, and usually the worst kind of people. There is more than just abortion, Christmas and judges. Besides, Trump didn't pick judges, a think tank did. A think tank that will be the true leader of the country. Because Trump can't lead a toothpick through a hula hoop.

Hooray4US said...


We can say Merry Christmas "again"?????11!!

My religulous liberties have been so in peril because I dare never to say Merry Christmas lest I'm stoned on the streets!!11!! It's TRUE!!11!!

Trump's the ONE!!11!!

gimme a break

Anonymous said...

Snort! More Christiany hooey brought to you by Grifters, Inc.

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