IT'S EASY AS...A...B...C!!!!!

It's Easy As....A....B....C!!!!!


CharlieE said...

Congratulations. "Anybody" is exactly what we got.

I'd have preferred someone who has at least some idea as to how our government works, but that's just me.

gruaud said...

You will be singing a different tune soon enough.

After Trump enacts his tax cuts (for himself, no conflict of interest there), someone is going to have to pay.

ferschitz said...

And that's just what you did. A know-nothing selfish crook, who's gonna get tax cuts for the super wealthy, while your taxes are going up, plus Medicare & Social Security are gonners. Enjoy!

Agent86 said...

Trump will be lucky to last 6 months to a year. I think the GOP is just itching for one of his legal cases to blow up into something where he could be impeached and they will throw his ass under the bus and back up over him twice just to be sure. They can't control Trump but they'll be looking for a way to oust him and put in Pence who will toe the GOP line. Mitch "Yertl the Turtle" McConnell is smirking already.


CharlieE said...


I envision a scenario where the Republicans want to impeach but the Democrats won't play ball. They can either force the Republicans to keep him or they can use their willingness to vote as a bargaining chip.

He won't be that easy to discard.

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