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Anonymous said...

I really need this election to be over.

CharlieE said...

Hillary Clinton might raise the minimum wage.

Donald Trump might get us into a nuclear war over something someone posted on Twitter.

Yeah, voting for Hillary would be a terrible thing to do.

The ignorance on the Right is simply jaw-dropping.

gruaud said...

My favorite:

"The average liberal thinks that rich people got their money by taking it away from people who didn't have any money."

Once again, conservatives seem to have the collective thought process of an eight year old.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I wouldn't worry too much about people with less than average intelligence voting. I've heard plenty of Republicans of above average intellect talking about how Donald Trump is going to clean up Washington corruption, fix our economy and 'handle' the Chinese and Russians. All while knowing nothing about how government works, and with the emotional maturity of a 4 year old.

I haven't heard this much wishful thinking on the right since the eve of the Iraq war when we heard so many pie in the sky predictions about how awesome it was going to be. So yea, delusional voters are a much bigger danger to the country than any average voter, and that's got nothing to do with intelligence.

ferschitz said...

Unfortunately, this won't be over on Nov 9, and these brainwashed troglodytes will continue apace due to the pernicious propaganda such as what we see here.

It's sickening, but as Thx 4 Fish indicates, it's not about stupid people, although they're part of it. I believe the majority of Trump voters are well educated, have good jobs, and live in what's called "nice neighborhoods." These people are all white supremacists who are misogynists. They truly believe that Trump will lower their taxes - he won't because even the wealthier among this cohort don't earn enough to be part of the group that gets a giant honking tax cut from Trump - and will magically "clean up" Washington DC.

If I thought Trump was going to somehow "clean up" Wash DC, I might be willing to consider him as a candidate. However, the man is clearly a maniac. His policies, such as they exist, have been developed by other billionaires backing him and are essentially Trickle Down 3.0 and other standard issue GOP stuff. People are delusional if they truly believe that Trump will somehow "do something different." He won't. He'll be controlled by Deep State, just as everyone else is. It's fallacious & delusional to believe in Santa Claus once your over 6 or 7 years of age, and it's fallacious & delusional to believe that somehow Trump is this "outsider" candidate who'll "change things." He won't.

The end.

ferschitz said...

Oh and the one that always "grabs" me is the bitching about the cost of Hillary's Armani pant suit. Like: WTF? How much do these trogs thing Melania's clothes cost?? And where did that money come from?? Why from Trump ripping off people who worked for him. But somehow that's all "good" and Trump is "smart" according to his sycophantic fans. Makes no sense, but what else is new in rightwingnut land?

And Trump totally embodies what it means to steal from the less wealthy to enrich himself by all of his "business" and tax practices. But somehow I'm "libtarded" for pointing out the obvious.

gruaud said...

Didn't you get the memo?

Liberals can't point out economic inequality if they have money.

CharlieE said...

I like the first graphic, which incorrectly suggests that mass shootings have gone up dramatically under Obama.

Wouldn't that suggest that we need strict gun controls?

gruaud said...

Also, let's define what a mass shooting is, because there are multiple definitions.

Easy to use one definition for Obama, and another for all the white presidents.

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