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How the president is seen in other countries!
Too close to the truth to be amusing.













         NONE OF THESE ARE FROM USA PAPERS                        


gruaud said...


They are ALL from US papers.

Obama has extremely high favorable all over the world. Compare that with Bush the Lesser, who was universally despised.

gruaud said...

Whoops. Insert 'ratings' after favorable.

ferschitz said...

RWD has been easily led by the nose to believe that all Obama does is play golf. Whatever.

Leaders across the globe are very concerned about the rise of Trump and really do not want him to win.

I have my own concerns with Obama, as well as with Hillary Clinton, but the GOP has done absolutely nothing but obstruct the functioning of the government and offer up a field of 17 KKKlowns for President. GOP voters chose Trump.

Go ahead on whine about Obama's golf game. Nifty distraction.

CharlieE said...

No president has played golf as much as Dwight Eisenhower, and he was a Republican.

Obama's worried about his polling numbers? His approval rating is the highest it's been in years.

Yes, terrorists are easily able to acquire guns. You may thank Republican members of Congress and the NRA for that.

"If you like your head, you can keep your head." That's a parody of "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan," a statement regarding the Affordable Care Act that was happened to be true.

The ACA grandfathered noncompliant plans, and people who bought them were free to continue to use them...provided their insurer wished to continue selling it. Most companies opted to discontinue them, but that's not the fault of either Obama or the ACA.

Whatever. Few Right Wing cartoons have any relationship to reality.

Anonymous said...

Look at these foreign newspapers:
Augusta Chronicle (as in Augusta, Georgia, US)
Gary Varvel (Indianapolis Star, as in Indiana, US)
Glenn McCoy (American, went to College in Illinois)
The Daily Signal (part of Heritage Foundation, based in Washington DC)
Columbus Dispatch (as in Columbus, Ohio, US)

I could go on, but RWD's are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Even if Obama's polling numbers were down - which they're not - why would he be worrying about them. He's on his way out the door. Duh.

Angie Sutherland said...

All of these are domestic conservative cartoons.
This person should try reading RT (Russian), teleSUR (Latin American), or Al-Jazeera (Qatari) news at some point. They generally portray Obama not as a weak, incompetent leader, but as a competent but ruthless and reckless geopolitical champion.

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