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White House/Congress coordinator

Singletary reportedly confronted her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, about another woman he was seeing before grabbing his two cellphones and his .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon

A special assistant to the president — the president who recently lamented that an inability to pass gun control was one of the great failures of his administration — was arrested Friday after she allegedly fired a pistol at her boyfriend during a domestic dispute. Barvetta Singletary, 37, didn't help advance her boss' crusade against gun violence when she invited her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, over to her house for sex. Afterwards, she accused him of seeing another woman and demanded to see the texts on his cellphones. When he refused, Singletary reached into her boyfriend's bag, according to the arresting documents, and pulled out the two cellphones and his service weapon, a .40 caliber Glock 23. She demanded he tell her the passwords to the phones. He refused. "Your phone is more important than me holding the gun on you," she said, shooting the couch where he was sitting. Singletary is the Obama administration's House legislative affairs liaison and was paid $125,000 a year. Let's just say she wasn't a low-level staffer.
Her purposeful gun crime while working for this gun-hostile administration is more important than the time Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend while Dove hunting. But which one received more news coverage?



Anonymous said...

She didn't shoot him. She shot near him. Don't make up lies RWD.

This women also didn't go out and buy some illegal gun like this forward seems to imply. In the heat of the moment she grabbed an available, legal gun owned by a police officer. Sounds like a pretty good argument for controlling your firearms.

Her purposeful gun crime while working for this gun-hostile administration is more important than the time Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend while Dove hunting.

This women was arrested and suspended without pay from her job as a result. Seems appropriate given her actions. Dick Cheney made his "friend" apologies to him for being shot in the face.

ferschitz said...

Frankly, this regrettable incident emphasizes and highlights why Obama's pleas for better gun controls are needed.

Some rightwing think tank works overtime to come up with some twisted lack of "logic" to demonstrate why Obama is "wrong" due to some random white house staff person exhibiting extremely poor judgment and behavior control.

Incidents like this happen daily in the USA. I guess every single one of them is somehow Obama's fault, and in some weird twisted RWD "world" demonstrate why we should have less, not more, gun control.

Once again, no wonder these white supremacist ammosexuals are so effed up. This makes no sense. Yet another day ending in "y" in wingnut world. Of course, the icing on the cake is that woman happens to be a blah...

Hooray4US said...


This happened more than a year ago and was widely reported at the time. Ms. Singletary was an experienced legislative assistant who moved from the Capital to the White House. She did not work directly with Obama. Singletary resigned last Sept after being indicted on assault charges.

It's a big reeeeaaaccch by some rightwing think tank to suggest a regrettable incident like this deserves or requires more attention than Dick Cheney shooting his alleged friend in the face. Is RWD suggesting that Ms. Singletary had as much power & standing in the USA as the former GOP Vice President.

Give it a rest, RWD. Old news filled with the usual lies, hype, spin, and teh racist stupid.

Mike Hawk said...

The only question in this case is:

Does this BABOON have a bigger ass than Michelle?

Holy shit....

Mike Hawk

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