Fw: Syrian Refugee Situation Explained

date:1 December 2015 at 17:10
subject:Fw: Syrian Refugee Situation Explained


gruaud said...

Ah, Huckabee's fatuous M&M analogy.


ferschitz said...

No, that is NOT the "Syrian Refugee Situation Explained." That's a bunch of sh*tty rightwing bigoted fatuous propaganda shat out by Grifter Asshole Huckabee. What a douchebag tool puppet he is.

Oh such "great brave patriots" these yellow-bellied, cowardly, scaredy cat rightwing brainwashed idiots are.

CharlieE said...

Why would I worry about 10,000 Syrian refugees when there are millions of armed Right wing lunatics who are far more likely to cause trouble?

30,000 Americans die of gunshot wounds every year. The number of those killings committed by Syrian refugees: 0

Hurray4US said...

Frankly, I'm more concerned about the conduct of my local PD than of some random Syrian refugee.

Yet another easy racist distraction brought to you by rightwingnut welfare circuit turd polisher Huckabee.

Anonymous said...

Given that he was a rightwing "pastor" type, Huckabee seemed sort of like an "ok" person at one time. But his desperation to grift and suck off the wealthy and suck up to the dull-witted rubes to gain some of the ready has either turned him into a fugly nasty spiteful shithead - or his true colors have just been revealed. Either way, what a creep.

Mike Hawk said...

Hell....I wouldn't eat ANY of those M&Ms.

They are the "plain" type; I like the ones with peanuts.

Happy New Year to all you liberal WEENIES!!!

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...

False equivalency and I prefer Skittles anyway.


Mike Hawk said...

Hey Hurray4US....perhaps you should discuss your comment above about your local PD with CharlieE: CharlieE said...

"Less than 1% of all police officers are involved in any misconduct (and this does not mean criminal misconduct), yet you gentlemen have made more than your share of statements inferring that the police are the MAIN PROBLEM."


Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...


Are you off your meds, mentally challenged or just have a reading problem? Charlie was QUOTING those comments from the RWD OP by the supposed Jersey PD gent there amigo. I guess I answered my own question. The answer is D - All of the above.


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