date:26 November 2015 at 21:13
subject:Fw: POTUS

Just as our basic vocabulary grows and evolves on an almost daily basis, so too does our usage of technical terminology and acronyms.

For example, the president of our once-great Nation has been identified by the acronym "POTUS," which used to stand for "President Of The United States.”

However, during the past 6 years, many may not be aware of the subtle change in meaning, evolution that has come about with that term.

The current occupant of the Oval Office is still referred to as the POTUS, but the term has become much more descriptive of the man presently holding this once revered position:

POTUS now means: "Piece Of Totally Useless S#*%."

Just wanted to get your day started right with an important fact


gruaud said...

"the president of our once-great Nation"

When did the US stop being great, RW dad?

ferschitz said...

I assume this definition will apply if/when someone from the GOP happens to win. What's sauce for the goose, yadda yadda...

Mike Hawk said...

Who the hell wrote this "pap"....a friggen' 3rd grader?

Seesh!!!! :-(

Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

When did the US stop being great, RW dad?

I'd put the date of the beginning of the decline at January 20, 1981.

gruaud said...


Yes, that was a pivotal day. The country has always had it's share of problems, but that day marked the beginning of the war on the hoi polloi.

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