date:Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Too bad he was on a limited budget for the visit!


Anonymous said...

The London G-20 summit was in 2009. Way to be current wingnuts.

As for the "entourage": ya, so what? He's the President. The President travels with a large contingent. This isn't some new thing that Obama personally instituted.

gruaud said...

Shorter version?

Obama being all uppity.

Agent86 said...



It must be an awful existence to be outraged by bullshit all the time. Hundreds of legitimate reasons to take issue with Obama and this is the type of crap that sets them off? Seriously?


CharlieE said...


Hundreds of legitimate reasons to take issue with Obama and this is the type of crap that sets them off?

While they'd never admit it, Republicans are OK with some of the worst things this President has done. I haven't heard them complaining about him collecting our phone calls or using drones to kill U.S. citizens, for example.

So they complain about the made up stuff instead.

Mike Hawk said...

Here, I'm gonna answer this like a typical liberal weenie:

Big deal, Bush took 700 with him in Nov. of 03....


I guess I should congratulate the author of this crap for showing that Obama is trying to save us money :-)

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

The only "person" here referring to GW Bush, in this instance, is the paid troll. What a surprise.

ferschitz said...

As gruaud indicates, rightwingers are reliably riled up for the outrage du jour bc Obama is uppity. Obama should know his place, take a commercial flight & sit in the middle seat in economy & bring his own food, carry his own baggage (only 1 suitcase permitted), and take the tube to the meeting. And then walk into the room with his head down going: "yes massah, yes massah."

And even THEN rightwingers would be outraged.

IOW: another day ending in "y" in rightwingnut land.

Hooray4US said...

Even if Obama impeached himself and slunk away from office in the dead of night broke and homeless, rightwingers would still be outraged because uppity Obama deprived the TeaHadist Congressgrifters from impeaching the KenyanMuslimISISLovingUsurper (who is no longer referred to as a Nazi, since the white supremacists, talibangelicals, gun humpers, and reichwingnuts all now Sieg Heil to the Donald, whom they all venerate for being "brave" enough to be Team USA's very own Hitler).


Agent86 said...


No one said shit about Shrub except you. Just calling out the obvious bullshit faux outrage. It's the POTUS, so who gives a shit how many people he takes. Ditto for the outrage email about MrsO and her entourage which is not markedly different from any previous FL. Face it the Republican base is just fucking stupid but hey, they're the real 'Muricans right?


Anonymous said...

Despite the pundit sqauwking, both sides don't do it. The conservatives have become mentally unbalanced as a political party and now are in a square dance with fascism. Oh, how the 156 billionaire families have longed for this.

Troll, don't bother denying. Even a village idiot can see this. And, to a far lesser extent, maybe even you can see this. But, being an ass-clown is your thing, so knock yourself out. Maybe even steal some material from Clown Hall or Dead State.

Do it, ventriloquist dummy. Entertain us.

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