FW: Best 1 minute gun commercial ever

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Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 4:36 PM
Subject: FW: Best 1 minute gun commercial ever



Anonymous said...

Their perfect world that is impossible.

ferschitz said...

Don't. Want. To. Watch.

CharlieE said...

Yesterday, in Salt Lake City, a guy tried to break into a home. The guy who lived there had a gun.

He fired at the burglar. The burglar fired back.

The guy who lived there shot the burglar dead. Yippee!

In the process of shooting the burglar, he also shot his roommate and his stepbrother. They're both dead, too.

About a month ago, also in Salt Lake City, a guy with a gun tried to break into a home. The owner grabbed his gun and followed the guy into the street, where they proceeded to shoot each other dead.

You may draw whatever conclusions from these incidents that you wish.

Hooray4US said...



Not always the biggest fan of DailyKos (the Great Orange Satan), but some of the diaries and other features can be good.

The GunFAIL ongoing tabulation of gunshot deaths and injuries each week (usually published a couple weeks behind) is instructive. Lots of people, including babies and young kids, being shot and either killed or seriously injured. But OH! I forgot!!11!! Guns don't kill and injure... fap fap fap...

Peace out. Asalamalakim. Happy KwanzaaFestivusHolidayWarOnXmas!!11!!

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