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gruaud said...

This guy Whittle is about as deep as a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Agent86 said...

Bill Whittle....enough said to know I don't need to waste my time.


Randall said...

Bill Whittle is my favorite, he loves to make the grandiose claims and not back them up with anything.

Example: "Barack Obama said he wants to fundamentally change the greatest country in the history of the world, he's largely succeeded."

How exactly? By have more filibusters than any other President in U.S. history? By continuing most of the policies initiated by the Bush administration? By implementing a Republican conceived health care system that makes everyone buy into the system and does not allow insurance company to drop people at the first sign of sickness? Conveniently Whittle never states how, he just assumes that the audience is already brainwashed to his propaganda.

ferschitz said...

Bill Whittle is my favorite, he loves to make the grandiose claims and not back them up with anything.

To Randall: but don't ALL rightwing pundits/whatever do the same thing? Just saying... Seems like we see the same grandiose claims never ever backed up with anything all the time here at RWD.

Several of the regulars here have commented numerous times - as Randall did, above - about our perceived "failings" (or whatever) of Obama as Pres, but I have never ever seen anyone from the GOP wasteland - whether pundit or politician or just ordinary citizen - ever complain reasonably about the things that we point out here. Ever.

It's all - and only - grandiose claims, mostly along the lines of Obama's deliberately RUINING "my" country with no explanation of how this happening, what it looks like, what specific effects are being felt by the great victimizing whiners on the right. Oh maybe someone will attempt to claim that their taxes have been giantly increased or something, but that's about as close at these jerkwads get to actually giving some sort of explanation to substantiate their claims. Or else it's the usual: a) no birth certificate, b) secret Muslim, c) secret Nazi, blah de blah blah...

I don't know who Bill Whittle is, which I intend to keep that way. Can't be bothered to watch, especially if he's praising Fascist Trump, who now wants to murder in cold blood women, kids, old people, etc, if they're allegedly marginally associated with "terrorists."

Of course, Obama's done that his whole entire admin with his Drone strike Tuesdays (eg, don't go to weddings in the Yemen or Afghanistan). But of course, the GOPers have been brainwashed into believing fervently that Obama is either "soft" on terrorists or that he's supporting them (well, ALL US citizens are supporting ISIS, but that's not JUST about Obama).

Chickenshit bullshit hype and ravings... no thanks.

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