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Randall said...

Hey! Statistics show that become less whiny, annoying, and disagreeable after you have shot them. I should have thought about this before, I should shoot people who do things I don't like. It worked for Stalin.

ferschitz said...

Gee whiz. Whodda guessed THAT?

Who gets to profile who's a criminal? And who gets the pull the trigger?

Even like minds could disagree about that. I suspect that reichwingers - growing ever more Nazi-like (Godwin's law done broke) with each passing day - would not agree with whom I think is a criminal and vice versa. Which highlights the glaring problemo with bullshit non-thinking like this.

These people truly are dangerous. While I am hardly cringing in my bedroom, I feel much less safe from violence by US white supremacists and bigoted assholes riled up the reichwing media than I do by any blahs, messicans or daesch dudes.

Anonymous said...

Judge, jury, and executioner. A conservative wet dream.

Agent86 said...

Statistics show Republicans become smarter after a lobotomy. Statistics also show TeaPartiers are basically braindead and beyond help.


CharlieE said...

Hmmm. Last time I checked, shooting people was a crime.

Hooray4US said...

Brought to you by many Police Departments who don't want to be bothered by such trifling piffles as "laws" or due procedure. Rightwingers have been propagandized to view "laws" as too "politically correct" - and consequently should be ignored, especially in regard to shooting almost anyone at will in the name of "stand your ground."

Just great.

Thanks, rightwing think tank, for displaying how you propagandize your bigoted base. Duly noted that you use attractive young women to SELL the idea that it's ok to take the law in your own hands and just go on a murderous rampage.

Anonymous said...

Depends on who shoots whom whether it's a crime or not.

CharlieE said...

Most of the pro-gun arguments involve "criminals." Statistically, if you get shot, the person doing the shooting isn't a "criminal." It's likely a friend, acquaintance or a family member.

They don't become a "criminal" until after they shoot you.

Mike Hawk said...

I tend to agree with this RWF.

I'd rather have a hand gun (concealed handgun permit) on my person and be proactive should I need to protect myself or my family.

I believe it's a lot better of a defense than just ducking....but that's just me. (Or, waiting several minutes for Barney Fife and his buddies to show up and write up the report of the crime).

Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

If you keep a gun in the house, you're six times more likely to get shot than someone who doesn't keep a gun in the house.

But you're free to do as you wish, even if it does endanger your family.

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