Fwd: FW: KERMIT Knows Best...

date:Mon, May 4, 2015 at 12:52 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: KERMIT Knows Best...

Subject: FW: KERMIT Knows Best...


Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace to use Kermit in this way.

gruaud said...

Kermit would never use such horseshit dog whistle.

A peculiar conservative trait:

Say something offensive
(Mr. Black is one uppity bastard, am I right?)

Follow it with a trite escape phrase
(But you didn't hear it from me)

I imagine this was born of the Civil Rights movement, when blatant racism had to go underground.

Mike Hawk said...

Where's Miss Piggy?

Just sayin'

ferschitz said...

One does have to wonder why RWD uses Kermit for this nasty bigoted crack. Why not just show some redneck old white guy drinking tea (?? or a beer) with those words over his photo? After all, that's who's saying this.

What's RWD afraid of? Why does he have to hide behind a children's puppet, who would never be portrayed behaving this way??

Don't tell me: is RWD ashamed of what he's thinking?? If not, why use Kermit?

Agent86 said...

What I find hilarious is that RWD typically doesn't do their homework for their memes. Jim Henson was a Democrat.

Hooray4US said...


Many days late & several racist dollars short... RWD picks up on an ugly trend using Kermit's photo to spread racist, sexist and homophobic messages.

Also from last year, there was a hoax that Kermit's puppeteer was alleged to make racist remarks - not true, however.

Naturally, 1 year later RWD hops on this really nice bandwagon. Way to go.

And btw, Agent86, RWD is too stupid and dull-witted to care or know that Henson was a Democrat. Why ruin a great way to be a racist dickhead with trifling things like facts.

Anonymous said...

@ ferschitz "old white guy drinking tea ?? "

C'mon. Tea party, anyone?

ferschitz said...

To Anon: GAH. You're, uh, *right*!! A swing and a big miss on my part.

Mike Hawk said...

More like old white guy drinking cheap ass PBR (aka - Donkey Piss).

ferschitz - You're losing your smack talk prowess, fool.

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...

Reminded me of this:


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