FW: Fwd: Fwd: A Genuine Miracle caught on video !!!

date:Mon, May 4, 2015 at 10:25 AM
subject:FW: Fwd: Fwd: A Genuine Miracle caught on video !!!

Watch as a yellow Ford cures a crippled illegal Mexican as he leaves the U.S. Welfare Office in El Paso , TX , border town...
Please join us in asking the Vatican to Canonize
this yellow Ford.


gruaud said...

Two things:

1) Right from the video publisher:
"traffic light stop on Av. Ruiz Cortinez and Calle Simon Bolivar in Monterrey, Mexico." RW dad, you are so gullible.

2) Ever hear of adrenalin?

Anonymous said...

The font is even different where someone deleted the Mexican address and inserted El Paso, because, otherwise, this couldn't be blamed on Obama.
I've been on crutches before but I know I could have run/hopped a couple of feet to avoid being run over.

ferschitz said...

RWD will go to any length to demonize the dirty Messicans who are personally going out of their way to ruin RWD's life... even when the dirty Messicans minding their own business in Messico.

For the sake of argument, it's quite possible the Mexican man in Monerrey Mexico truly does need the crutches to walk. When someone has an injury or other issue with their leg or foot, they may still be able to walk unaided in an emergency.

RWD really reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaches on this one to display his: a)stupidity, b) vapidity, c)racism, and d)sheer barking nastiness. IOW, just another day that ends in Y in RWD's life.

CharlieE said...

One would think that true "conservatives" would believe that individuals should be free to live wherever they like, free from interference from the Big Liberal Nanny State.

Since Republicans strongly encourage strong government intervention into such matters, we can only conclude that they're either not really conservative, or they're xenophobes.

Or both.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for "Mike" to come by and claim that these aren't real Catholics but instead are actually secretly progressive atheists or something.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is anyone knows that RWD is clearly a major liberal leftie, who has cleverly disguised himself as a rightwing, racist *sshole. It takes true intelligence and brain power to not be fooled by this very ingenious ruse. So when all the dirty hippies read RWD, they should really be viewing it through their Marvel Comics opposite glasses, and then, but only then, would they Learn. The. Truth.

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