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date:Mon, May 4, 2015 at 4:20 PM
subject:Fwd: FW: Chinafornia Dreamin'

 This is crazy !

Chinafornia Dreamin'

Makes one wonder what happened to the American Dream for Americans????????

Where does all that "Made in China" money go....????Check out the extreme life they live!



gruaud said...

Sure, Rightwing Dad, we get it: it's outrageous the way these spoiled rich kids flaunt wealth they never earned. But how is that any different than the spoiled brats of the US billionaires? The same ones who outsourced the US manufacturing sector to China in the first place?

China is practicing an unfettered, rapacious brand of capitalism that sinks to Marianas Trench depths, crushing the environment and using a form of indentured servitude that the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age could only dream about.

So the billionaires on both sides of the planet are happy and everyone else is miserable and you still don't fucking understand why.

Anonymous said...

So wait... are we supposed to NOT like capitalism now, RWD? Make up your mind already.

ferschitz said...

I thought RWD is totally against all dreaded horrid big gubmint regulations and that the free market was the bestest of bestest and everyone should stand on their two feet, pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, and never expecting anyone to do anything for you because You. Are. On. Your. Own.

Hey, guess what RWD: this is what that looks like! Ya happy now???

And somehow you believe that Mitt RMoney woulda done something different or better?? Or... ???

But hey: don't worry, be happy. Tomorrow you can go back to blaming everything on that N-word in "your" WHITE house. Then you can feel all better, even though you've solved nothing.

PS Don't tell me that RWD cares a crap about the plight of those "gooks" and "slant eyes" in China.

Mike Hawk said...





Mike Hawk

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