Fw: Lost Passport visiting Mexico

date:16 May 2015 at 08:52
subject:Fw: Lost Passport visiting Mexico

Subject: Fw: Lost Passport visiting Mexico 

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                                    A guy traveling through Mexico on
vacation             lost his wallet and all of his identification.
Cutting his trip             short, he attempted to make his way home but was
stopped by the U.S.             Customs Agent at the border. "May I see your identification,             please?" asked the agent. "I'm
sorry, but I lost my wallet," replied             the guy.. "Sure buddy, I hear that every
day. No ID, no entry," said             the agent.
"But I can prove I'm an American!" he
exclaimed.             "I have a picture of Ronald Reagan tattooed
on one side of my butt             and George Bush on the other." "This I
gotta see," replied the             agent. With that, the guy dropped his pants and
showed the agent his             behind. "By golly, you're right!"
exclaimed the agent. "Have a safe             trip back to Chicago." Thanks!" he
said. "But how did you know I was             from Chicago ?"
The agent replied, "I recognized Obama in             the middle."    


CharlieE said...

If Obama had been white, and had run for president as a Republican, Republicans would be building statues of the guy today.

He's restored the economy.
He's maintaining our wars and getting us in new ones.
His only signed piece of gun legislation was to expand gun rights.
He supports a job-killing trade pact that Republicans love.
He supports expanding the PATRIOT act.
He's deported a record number of illegals.
Despite cries from Democrats for expanding Medicare for all, he went with a Republican-written plan in creating the ACA.
He's been harder on government whistleblowers than any president in history.

I could go on, but my point should be clear. Obama has been really good to Republicans. They've just been too busy hating him to notice.

ferschitz said...

Some decades ago, there used to be a credible difference between what passed then for the "Democratic" and "Republican" parties. Very very generally, the Democrats did tend to be more in support of the "common citizen," while the Republicans tended to represent more the interests of big business, the banks, Wall St and the wealthy.

Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1968, and especially since the end of the Nixon years in the White House, the southern Democrats defected to the Republican party because of the blahs getting voting rights, etc.

Over time (being very brief) the Southern Strategy has been employed to make the Republican party a party of bigoted racists, sexists and homophobes. Over the years, both parties have been shifted so far to the right that Nixon would be considered a stark raving liberal hippie, and even Sainted Zombie Reagan would be hated and despised by those who profess to love him.

Nowadays the D party is, at best, a somewhat more sane base of politicians who are very conservative NeoCon NeoLiberals who will occasionally pass laws or stand for something that helps the commoners, such as Gay Marriage. Not really doing much of anything in terms of stemming the tide against taking away a woman's right to choose, mind you.

The R party has turned in a bunch of mostly nutbar lunatic fringe types who are so far beyond the dictionary definition of "conservative" that's hard to know what to call them. They stand for not much of anything other than hating gays and women, making sure that the guns and ammo industry can fool the rubes into parting with their money, and making sure that WAR is always viewed as GOOD and what god wants or something. Plus their politicians get to pose with serial pedophile Josh Duggar to display how they all have "family values" or something equally perverted and debased and meaningless.

From where I sit, the main reason why the R Team has set itself up in such madly massive oppo to Obama is simply to fool the rubes - on both sides of the aisle - that there's some "real" difference between the two "political parties." Well, the 1% are not one unified force all with the same opinion/ideas/etc. So there does seem to be some sort of jockeying for power amongst the 1%, which has an impact on what one "political party" does v the "other pol party."

At the end of the day, the commoners are mostly left out of the equation, other than bullshit like this, which is really some kind of bone tossed to cranky conservative old white men to make them think that they matter or something.

They don't. None of us do. It's all about the 1%.

At the end of the day, Obama was hired for the job because the PTB knew that a black man could get away with the sh*t that he has - some of it listed, above, by the real CharlieE - much more easily than a white man or even a white woman.

Of course, hiring Hillary next will make it easier to continue down this path of the great give-away to Wall St, the Banks, the MIC, because va-jay-jay.

We're screwed as far as I can see, but attempting to pry either D or R voters from their false belief system in their Savior du Jour in the "their" political party is next to impossible.

PS We've seen this stupid unfunny "joke" before. It's still stupid and not remotely amusing.

Randall said...

The Dems have Bernie however, I'm sure he'll be crushed by the Clinton machine.

Over the years, both parties have been shifted so far to the right that Nixon would be considered a stark raving liberal hippie

That damn hippie Nixon started the EPA...

Mike Hawk said...

Hey CharlieE:

Whom would be a super LEFTY/PROGRESSIVE candidate from the Democrat Party that would make you happy as POTUS?

I'm all ears......

Mike Hawk

Hooray4US said...

Nixon was definitely a Crook, but at his funeral, loads of conservatives lined up to laud him. It pains me no end to offer any praise of Tricky Dick, but it also gives me pause to see what was accomplished during his terms in office. Sad to say that most of these good measures have been rolled back over the years, and not just by the GOP. It's been by the connivance, compliance and complicity of both the Dems and GOP.

As stated, by today's standards Nixon - still considered a conservative hero by some today - would be vilified by the GOP, obstructed constantly, and RWD would shriek and complain about what a liberal he is. Funny how RWD never says bad things about Nixon, but oh lest we forget, he wasn't a blah... and then Tricky did initiate the Southern Strategy with Lee Atwater. Thanks for nothing, Tricky.

Nixon signs the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970, which gives the secretary of labor the responsibility of setting workplace safety standards for jobs in the United States. December 29, 1970

Nixon signs a clean air bill which mandates that car manufacturers reduce certain pollutants by 90 percent. December 31, 1970

Nixon signs an Emergency Employment Act, earmarking $2.25 billion for the creation of public service jobs at state and local levels. July 12, 1971

Nixon enhances the power of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the sale and use of pesticides. October 21, 1972

Nixon signs sixty bills, one of which provides more than $5 billion in benefits for the aged, blind, and disabled, while also increasing Social Security taxes. October 30, 1972

These are examples of Republican legislation not all that long ago... when even conservatives had concern about the state of the environment and helping citizens to do better was not considered some type of "sin." How low the mighty have fallen!

Mike Hawk said...

Hey fershitz: Gay Marriage only helps "the commoners"? Huh?

Since when, amigo?

Mike Hawk

The Revolutionist said...

I am a left of center moderate and I am a part of the revolutionary movement in these United States of America which is gaining momentum by necessity, due to the failed policies of both the Democratic and Republican Parties.
Americans in general are fed up with the immoral practices being perpetrated within the current political arena among their constituents. The revolution I speak of is not to be the violent one in which many envision. I am speaking of the revolution of enlightenment whereas the majority of the people are leaning together to form a Third Party Independent from the corrupt policies being perpetuated by both the Democrats and the Republicans. A new era in Political enlightenment is on the horizon, so before its fruition many may continue to revel in all of the degenerate and perverted behavior while ostracizing decent Americans who are tired of confronting the same type of aggressive and oppressive delinquents whom they've wrestled with so many times before. The real truth in this matter is that the Majority of the People who voted and didn't vote before will stand together in solidarity to vote for a Third Party Candidate selected by the People who are only concerned about all good Americans and their Constitutional Rights as envisioned by our Founding Fathers who warned us of what has culminated in America to this Day. When the shoe is on the other foot we will rejoice and revel for the Good of all Americans at Heart and not care about whose blood runs through our veins. Think about this inevitability and then the opposition will be forced to reconcile their differences and learn to bend with reason for the good of all Americans and not just for the select privileged few.

The Revolutionist

Mr_Creosote said...

"Whom would be a super LEFTY/PROGRESSIVE candidate from the Democrat Party that would make you happy as POTUS?

Well first, it's Democratic party, not "Democrat party".

Bernie Sanders is my choice. A true champion of economic populism and a clear choice for the same, rather than the "lesser of two evils" bullshit we've had with corporatists picking the front runners from both parties.

gruaud said...

@ Revolutionist

Are you Cain Pence or one of his supporters?

I don't agree with everything you advocate but like quite a few of your ideas.

Keep talking. Your main hurdle is refuting the Citizens United ruling by SCOTUS. Tell me how you do that, and I think maybe you have a chance. In the meantime, I have to vote for Democrats so the 5-4 corporate majority is eventually reversed. If you have a better alternative, let us know.

Randall said...

@ Creosote
I would love to see someone like Sanders take the reins. Unfortunately in our money=free speech political realm, it seems like the only people to make waves in the propaganda "news" outlets are the people whom are going to help the 1%. Why do you think the Tea Party did a lot better getting the News' attention than Occupy Wall Street did?

Sanders at least is going to bring things like the economy, corporate welfare, wage stagnation and the divisions between the rich and everyone else into the spotlight. Rather than the trivial culture debates that the Republican-Democrat Party uses to distract the general public from the bigger things.

I'm really hoping to see Sanders as a viable candidate for office, however I'm bracing for another Clinton/Bush run, oh the humanity! Hopefully I'm dead wrong but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

ferschitz - What a fucked up rant, fella.

Are you really that bored with your life?

Put your joint down, ya hippie.

CharlieE said...

Hey CharlieE:

Whom would be a super LEFTY/PROGRESSIVE candidate from the Democrat Party that would make you happy as POTUS?

Democrat Party? As opposed to the Republic Party?

No idea. I'm willing to listen to any candidate whose policies will actually help people. Republican policies don't do that. Ever.

While I have lots of gripes with the Democrats, they do have one huge advantage over Republicans that no one ever notices - the stock market always kicks butt when a Democrat is in the White House. How odd that those who support the alleged "Party of Business" have never noticed that.

CharlieE said...

Bernie Sanders is my choice. A true champion of economic populism and a clear choice for the same, rather than the "lesser of two evils" bullshit we've had with corporatists picking the front runners from both parties.

While I certainly admire Bernie Sanders, and his willingness to bring about wholesale change to how our government works, his age gives me pause.

The last time we elected a 70 year old man to the White House, it did not work out well at all. That present-day Republicans think it worked out great is irrelevant; Reagan was a disaster.

Can't support anyone north of 70.

Mike Hawk said...

Bernie Sanders is a socialist nutjob.

Muy, pero muy loco ese VIEJO de mierda!

Mike Hawk

Agent86 said...

As opposed to the growing list of GOP assclowns who are ALL completely full of shit. I see the GOP now has their second female in the race....lawdy lawdy.

gruaud said...

Max, you snap at the troll's bait like a starving trout. He has nothing interesting to say, ever. If you said you hated Sanders, he'd be for him. All he wants is attention.

I blame his parents.

Agent86 said...


He's sort of fun to poke occasionally but I guess that just feeds his ego and grows old. I'll stand down. I'm undecided as to whether to blame his parents or his trials of being an altar boy.

Mike Hawk said...

Dang Maxwell...how did you know that I got bent over the altar by my local parish priest when I was just a young boy? :-(

However...I thought I was pegged on here a few weeks ago as a "fat Jew".

So which is it?

bwahahahahahaha wooo-hooo :-)

Mike Hawk

P.S. - I actually like this Governor O'Malley that's running against the war criminal HILLARY.

P.S.S. - gruaud - You still got that pretty bridge for sale out there in San Fran????

Mr_Creosote said...

It just goes to show the Oveton's Window effect of how far right the political debate has shifted.

Pols of the Democratic party are what mainstream Republicans were in the 80's.

Bernie Sander's platform is very very much like an Eisenhower republican. In fact, If you get a chance to; look up Ike Eisenhower's platform circa 1956. Sounds radically progressive compared to today's GOP.

Today's GOP are absolute raving lunatic fascists, with the teabagger influence forcing them even further into the nutjob realm....just to have credibiity with their nutjob "base".

The Revolutionist said...

Kinda like this Mr_Creosote:


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