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Wonder what all the hoopla is over "Drones" in the USA? Take a look at the video link below and watch it in full-screen. Russian dude has created a remotely controlled quadroto-copter fitted out with a 100 round machine gun.
Watch him as he has fun blowing up mannequins and cars. It's all done with a touch of humor, but the reality is that this fellow has created a very lethal killing machine that could be remotely controlled and come into your yard, or house and kill everyone there.
Then it can fly away or be self-destructed.
These types of robots have so much 'stealth' killing power, populations of the near future have a reason to be worried about what can happen to them over a Sunday Bar-B-Q.


Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal is, isn't this another example of the precious right to bear arms which can never, ever ever be infringed?

I wonder how long it will take for the NRA to start demanding our right to own armed drones.

ferschitz said...

These types of robots have so much 'stealth' killing power, populations of the near future have a reason to be worried about what can happen to them over a Sunday Bar-B-Q.

Hello! Finally waking up, are we, RWD? Of course, you've been lied to over and over about the "pussy" Obama who does nothing to keep the USA "safe." Yet Obama's been drone-killing the dusky-hued in the MENA for quite a while now. Obama's drones are equipped with bombs, which, uh, are more lethal than even the Russian guy's machine gun drone.

So why all the surprise and now fear, Fear, FEAR over your stupid Sunday bar-b-que?

So some rightwing think tank shows you a Rooskie with a drone, and that causes you "alarm"?? Some d*mn enemy's gonna come 'n gitcha? But it's ok for the USA to cold drone-kill the "other" in foreign lands? In fact: Hooray for Our Side???

Duh. If anything, RWD, you might want to take a gander at the USA's heavily militarized PDs and wonder who, exactly, might be flying drones around USA 'hoods stone-cold machine-gunning US citizens.

Just ask Abdulrahman al-Awlaki about the USG assassinating US citizens without so much as being arrested, much less charged and convicted, much less getting anything remotely akin to a fair trial.

Oh wait....

Mike Hawk said...

LOL - I think I'd be a lot more "worried" about dying from salmonella food poisoning at a Sunday BBQ than being taken by surprise by this noisy ass "drone" concocted by FPS Russia (who is absolutely not Russian, but rather a redneck Ametican putting on a super thick, fake, Russian accent).

Anyways, hoe many Americans has Obummer killed with drone strikes already? Obummer is a war criminal.....there ain't no denying this FACT!!!

Mike "Narky" Hawk

Schitzengiggles said...

Well that was entertaining but did you notice the targets exploded (those weren't incendiary rounds)? Google FPSRussia. The dude's name is Kyle Myers from Georgia...the US State not the Eurasian country. RWDs are sooooo gullible.

Besides, doesn't this fall under the 2nd Amendment we hold dear? Shit, here in the south if you saw one of those, there'd be 40 rednecks outside with shotguns and a beer yelling "Pull!!"

Mike Hawk said...


Schitzengiggles said...

pssst....hey Mike....since I know how you like to point these things out, you said 'hoe' when I think you meant 'how'. Just sayin. And what's an Ametican? Is that like a racist pronunciation or what are you trying to say there? I won't tell anyone. Mum's the word. Yeah I know you can't edit it after you post. It's all good bro.

P.S. It's 'Barky'...not 'Narky'. ;-)

Mike Hawk said...

ferschitz continues to wear out his favorite term...the "dusky-hued".

Damn. I think, at this point, there's some projection going on with ferschitz.

gruaud said...

Gee, ya think maybe we need legislation regulating drones? Oh, irony.

Hooray4US said...

I enjoyed this US citizen's Boris 'n Natasha fake Russian accent.

I'm not sure if this meant for rightwingers to get freaked out over or sent as a joke. With this crowd, it's always hard to tell.

Agree, though, that if it's actually serious, then the irony is something to behold.

Anonymous said...


Talk about projection...

Randall said...

Is the right wing crowd finally waking up to Drones?

Here is something I never understood about the 2nd Amendment crowd (and I grew up around them). They need semi-automatic weapons, armor piercing bullets and other miscellaneous firepower, because I guess at some time in the future there is going to be a war against the Federal Government. Meanwhile the same people applaud and think it is awesome to watch how the Federal Government actually kills people:


Apache Road side bomb

What good is your AR-15 with armor piercing bullets going to do? The people in those videos have assault rifles, and I don’t see them being a great asset. In addition with the home defense argument, I would much rather have a short barrel shotgun with buckshot to use on intruders in the house over a semi-automatic rifle. You don't even have to aim the shotgun, just point it at them.

In the meanwhile if you really worried about Drones or a Government takeover maybe you should participate in Government, sign petitions, vote, write your congressperson, or senator. Maybe we'll have a better turnout than 36% and actually get some democracy over money buying the votes.

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