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gruaud said...

I'd say Democrats are perfectly justified, Jerry Holbert.

Or have you not been paying attention these last 23 years?

SoRefined said...

So is the idea here that Democratic Donkey just doesn't like the use of circus elephants because the elephant is the GOP symbol?

Projection as usual.

ferschitz said...

Well that's both ironic and hypocritical. As we see here daily at RWD, the biggest bunch of complaining whiners are rightwingers... and they mainly complain and whine about "leftists" or "Democrats," while offering no solutions or alternatives. It's simply about whining to whine & vetch & complain and then do nothing.

Yes, SoRefined, a classic case of projection.

And while this is pretty mild in terms of conservatives bashing the "other side," it's still just as stupid as all the other conservative complaining that goes on around here.

Mike Hawk said...

So a bunch load of jackasses sitting at corporate/board meeting table complaining?

Where's Pelosi with her pinko ears?

This is quite an anomaly....as most liberals never come close to sniffing a corporate boardroom. lmao

Fokin' lil' whiney ass burros! ha ha ha

Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

This is quite an anomaly....as most liberals never come close to sniffing a corporate boardroom

If you have any evidence that most Republicans DO come close to "sniffing a corporate boardroom", please provide it.

Anonymous said...

This is just an awful cartoon. It's both pointless and really poorly done.

gruaud said...

Pretty much all of Holbert's comics are like that.

He is the prototypical partisan hack. No insight, no balance, just a squawking parrot.

Mike Hawk said...

squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk....


bark, bark, bark, bark....

Mikey the Barking seal.

Mike Hawk said...

CharlieE - Almost all (with the exception of just a handful) of board directors in corporate America affiliate themselves with the GOP.

Big money folks with very conservative stances pulling in 7 figure salaries. Pretty easy concept to grasp...and very obvious. Lower capital gains taxes is their #1 priority.

Plus, anybody over the age of 30 who is still a poor ass liberal (and not a conservative) just hasn't grown the hell up and taken personal responsibility for the many shortcomings in their lives. They blame "the system" and the 1%'s constantly...when in all actuality, the sky is the limit in this amazing capitalistic country.

Look in the mirror you whining crybaby liberals that have not lived up to your own financial potential. The answer is right there in that image being reflected right back at you.

Stop with the finger pointing and take personal responsibility. Just because you're book smart and well-read doesn't necessarily translate into personal wealth....and y'all are FRUSTRATED.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...



Gold star if you can spot the trend.

Anonymous said...



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