Fw: TOO good not to pass on ---



CharlieE said...

It's hard to believe that anyone thought this was funny.

Or clever.

Or original.

Still, one must consider the source.

gruaud said...

Two terms, geniuses.

And whomever democrat is nominated in 2016...two more terms.

Get used to it, lunatic fringe. You're about as popular as Bubonic Plague.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, at least the Bubonic Plague gave us some decent literature and accelerated the end of the feudal system. What positive contributions have the Teabaggers ever made?

ferschitz said...

Dull & stupid as it is, it's better than the majority of racist hatred that is usually spewed forth... which shows what a low bar it is to provide something that's not horrid & nasty.

Anonymous said...



sabina moon said...
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