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Anonymous said...

A video on a clearly right wing website featuring some right wing blowhard with his own internet show?

No thanks, I literally anything else is a better use of 10 minutes of my life.

ferschitz said...

Per what one commenter said on the prior RWF: ACA requires citizens to buy Health Insurance. I was never in favor of ACA, as constructed by the rightwing Heritage Foundation (first touted by Bob Dole) & then firmly negotiated by Obama with BigPharma, BigIns, BigHospital, BigMedDevice behind closed doors.

Something like 70% of US citizens wanted some kind of Single Payer/Medicare for all program. But the goals and desires of the majority of voters in the 99% no longer count for bupkes anymore. So we got a rightwing, corporate-friendly Health INSURANCE program. Time will tell whether US citizens get adequate health care or not.

That said, it was the billionaire Koch brothers who astroturfed & funded the Tea Party back in 2008/2009 and continuing. The Tea Partiers were the ones who made asses of themselves acting out & throwing temper tantrums at Town Halls and demostrations across the nation in 2009 declaring that a Single Payer health care system was equivalent to being under Nazi dictatorship + the Stalin purges all rolled into one.

So NOW these same braindead heavily propogandized immature jerks are whining & crying about ACA - a conservative program if there ever was one.

As I stated in a comment at the prior RWF: WHAT does the Tea Party suggest as an alternative???

I have yet to see one single suggestion put forth. Rather, all I see is tantrum throwing & endless complaints about that horrid N***** in the White House.

I personally am against ACA, but I have demonstrated in favor of Single Payer. That didn't work, but I have an alternative.

What do the Tea Partiers want other than to vetch and whine and behave like assholes 100% of the time??

gruaud said...

ACA was a huge step in the right direction, which is single-payer.

The pendulum is slowly swinging your way, ferschitz.

Anonymous said...

Here is how any insurance works, most people over pay, some underpay, the companies reap the benefits of the overpayment, if we knew the future we wouldn’t need insurance as you could just save and anticipate for all the natural disasters, car accidents, and heath problems you encounter in your life.

The thing with the ACA is that for every 1 unhealthy person that the insurance companies would have dropped on the system, you get 10 or 20 18-30 year olds that are paying in to the system offsetting the people that are costing a lot. I don’t know if this “math” genius has taken a basic, “This is how insurance works class”, he obviously took a “Fear Mongering 101” course.

The irony to it all is that we do have a single payer in this country; you just have to be over 65 to get it. When it was enacted the conservatives thought it was horrible, but you don’t see them screaming socialism and trying to shut down the government to take it away (unless they don’t want to get reelected).

ferschitz said...

To gruaud: I hope you're correct. I remain skeptical but open. I hear that the Ins. Exchanges in CA (under Democratic Jerry Brown) are good so far. We'll see.

To last Anon: don't count on conservatives or so-called "progressives" (whatever that means anymore) to not go after Soc Sec & Medicare. You may be unaware, but Barack Obama has been promising to cut 'n gut both Soc Sec & Medicare since 2009 (disclaimer: I voted for Obama in 2008 but not in 2012 - but I sure didn't vote for RMoney in 2012).

Obama *promised* to cut Soc Sec & medicare in the 2012 Pres. debates. IMO, the recent Govt Shut Down was mainly Kabuki Show to provide cover for doing what the 1% really wants: go after & rob Soc Sec & Medicare.

If I'm proven wrong: excellent.

I'm not holding my breath. In terms of Medicare, the actual bullwark against it being dismantled - the dog help us all - may be the Tea Party.

Hope for the best, but be forewarned that ALL the pols in DC - no matter how they label themselves - are out to cut 'n gut Soc Sec & Medicare.

So-called "progressive" Dick Durbin was on one of the Fox Sunday blab shows explaining how "there wasn't enough money" in Soc Sec & how Boomers were going to "bankrupt" it (or words to that effect).

The 1% is now pitting the younger generations ag the Boomers, portraying the latter as being greedy in terms of actually wanting to access Soc Sec to get the retirement insurance benefits that they paid into.

Be forewarned.

And btw, neither Soc Sec or Medicare are a cause of the Debt and neither program is ready to be "bankrupt" any time soon. And there are solutions to enhance both retirement annuity/insurance programs. For one thing, the income cap on soc sec can be raised (as it has been numerous times in the past) at any time. Duly noted that you won't see anyone in the M$M offer this solution. The only solution offered is cutting it in some way, which is completely unnecessary.


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