Fw: Stolen Purse in Brunswick, Georgia

Subject: Stolen Purse in BrunswickGeorgia
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 23:08:47 -0700


gruaud said...

OMG, another example of how welfare queens are chiseling moochers!

And yet, all of that is absolutely above board and that woman jumped through hoops to qualify for food stamps.

A possible reason a conservative would think that is NOT ok is because he/she doesn't understand how SNAP works.

This might be of help.


ferschitz said...

I checked around, and apparently (insofar as I can tell), this story is true. That said, here's a couple of things to consider:

1. The woman could've bought the expensive purse & wallet a number of years ago when she was making good money & could afford them. Rightwingers LOVE to ignore that there's been a huge economic crash that resulted in a lot of people losing jobs. What? Is this lady supposed to give away or sell all of her expensive things if she's lost her job? The $800 in her wallet could be her month's Soc Sec check that was cashed or even a gift from friends or family members.

*** But hey: let's all RUSH to JUDGEMENT and ASSUME that this woman is a lousy lazy welfare cheat slacker expecting something for nothing and vastly ripping off Tea Tardz.

2. The lady could be exaggerating the cost of her purse and wallet, plus the money inside, for the purposes of insurance. Perhaps fraud?? Perhaps not. Whether I agree or not, a lot of people exaggerate the cost of things that get stolen from them for the purposes of insurance.

*** But of course, let's RUSH to JUDGEMENT that this lady is a lousy lazy greedy slacker, probably a dusky-hued one, who is a parasite and blight on humanity with tainted money who should be tarred and feathered and put in the stocks on the public square.

My comments after the *** are almost exact quotes from various blog site comments about this article.

Geez. The milk of human kindness is non-existent amongst conservatives. Let's all jump to conclusions so we have an excuse to get RAGING MAD at someone who we perceive is MASSIVELY RIPPING ME OFF!!!11111!!!!!


Tootseye said...

This woman could be a cleaning lady or nanny for wealthy people, who gave her that expensive purse & wallet when they didn't want it anymore (so last year!). I have a friend who's a Nanny, and she's gotten some expensive 2d hand things from her employer. It happens.

Arthur Fisher said...

I can't seem to find this article anywhere except right wing blogs.
Rush Limbaugh has someone named "Holly" call in and say she placed the ad, but her answers as to why she's on welfare(e.g. She makes more money to stay on welfare than to work) is such an asinine right wing trope, that I'm more than a little incredulous about the veracity of her claim.

If anyone can find a legit source for this, I'd love to know where it is.

Hooray4US said...

I agree with Arthur Fisher: show me this is legitmate.

It's possible for someone to have expensive things, yet still need to be on welfare. Another example would be an older woman previously married to a wealthy guy, who divorces her. There are statistics about women who are divorced - and probably didn't work while raising kids - having a very hard time economically after a divorce, while the husband - who always worked - continues with a nice lifestyle.

IF, in fact, this story is factual, the article provides no back story for what's going on. Of course, visciously judgemental conservatives assume the worse and go on the attack.

If someone called into Limbaugh's show and said what Arther Fisher indicated, I call bull shit.

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