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Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 8:13 PM
Subject: Move over Jimmy Carter

America has had some great presidents, many mediocre ones and a few bad ones. But we’ve never had one like Barack Obama. He’s the first who thinks the job is beneath him. He’s the first who turns political give-and-take into a crisis by refusing to negotiate with Congress. He’s the first who thinks the way to more power is to inflict pain on ordinary people. The move to barricade the World War II memorial reveals the mentality of a tin-pot dictator. The limited government shutdown did not need to affect the memorial because it is open 24 hours, without gates and often without guards.
But to turn public opinion in his favor, Obama’s goons trucked in barricades to keep out World War II vets and other visitors. By one estimate, the barricades and workers cost $100,000. The same punish-the-people attitude led to shutdowns of other parks and historic sites that get no federal funding. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting,” a Park Service ranger told The Washington Times. The ranger cited the order to close the parking lot at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon so visitors couldn’t use it. The cheap trick captured the contrast between a revered president and the current one. I’ve been saying for a while that there is no bottom to Obama. He’s not just ruthless. He’s without scruples and honor. However the shutdown ends, it will bring only a temporary respite from the crisis atmosphere in Washington. When it comes to his countrymen, Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter can rest easy. We have a new worst president.



gruaud said...

Well, you wanted a shutdown and you got it. See? There are consequences, genius.

George Shill is paid handsomely to write this crap. The best line? "But to turn public opinion in his favor..."


Anonymous said...

This is what is called "making the right enemies".

If George Will is crying and wetting himself and desperately trying to spin the shutdown as anything but a Republican disaster, then that's proof that President Obama did something correct. Keep it up POTUS.

CharlieE said...

Somehow, this just didn't sound like the work of George Will.

Surprise! It isn't.


ferschitz said...

Even George Will doesn't stoop to such inanely idiotic lying crap. Wonder why the rightwing think tank felt it was necessary to attribute this to George Will?

It's such a spectacular LIE of epic proportions, I guess the fanatics who fan these flames of hatred must've felt that they had to give these bald-faced LIES some sort of credibility??

As many here know, I'm not Obama's biggest fan, but this kind of specious nonsensical LYING is really over the top.

The Shut Down was clearly always a decision planned months ago by Republicans & the Tea Party, who were pretty damn PROUD of themselves for "standing firm" against the dreaded Obama. So why are they now ashamed of their actions and walking it back & LYING and saying it's all & only about Obama???

Because the Tea Tardz are mad? Why are they mad? They need to ask Tundra Tra$h Palin why, then, is she palling around with Ted Cruz, who was one of the prime movers behind the shut down, and who is still standing proud & OWNING what HE - not Obama - did. I can at least give Crus credit for not running & hiding behind the coat tails of Pres. Obama.

"Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation." Links, please, to actual real things that have happened...

gruaud said...

"Even George Will doesn't stoop to such inanely idiotic lying crap."

Oh, yes, he does. And that is ALL he does.

His constant lying on climate change alone is fucking epic.

The man is a well-paid professional liar.

And if you believe him, you desperately want to believe him. Truth be damned.

Anonymous said...

There is evidence that George Will did not even write this. Personally I find certain statements in here VERY SUSPECT to start with: allegations of the U.S. Park Police shutting down the parking lots at Mount Vernon? I live near Mount Vernon which is NOT a National Park or Monument, but a privately owned non-profit. So it was open during the government shutdown as far as I know. PLEASE STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION AND LIES.

Anonymous said...


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