Subject: Fwd: YOU TELL 'EM GIRL



If you haven’t seen this Video yet, you should watch this Brave
Newscaster for Fox News.  I’m Proud Of Her!

This Lady Has Guts!!!

The White House will put so much pressure on Fox News to force
Them to ‘Fire Her’, It will be unreal.  She has Violated ‘All’ the
‘New Political Correctness’ words for Terrorist, Jihadists, Muslims,
Islam, etc. etc.

This is the way the President should actually speak, while sending
A message to Radical Islam Terrorists, Hamas, Al Queda, Iran, Iraq,
Syria, and the so called ‘Muslim Brotherhood!

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Anonymous said...

Someone on Fox went on an angry rant in order to score cheap points with reactionaries? Get the fuck outta here! That NEVER happens!

The White House will put so much pressure on Fox News to force
Them to ‘Fire Her’, It will be unreal.

It will be "unreal" in the sense that it didn't and won't happen. Christ almight, what is it with the persecution complex on these people? Are they just trolling or do they really feel like somehow THEY are a persecuted minority?

Anonymous said...

Ok let me check my Fair and Balanced rightwing Fox News rant checklist:

Angry Barbie Girl – check

Complete lack of understanding of U.S. Constitution and rights but ranter seems to have a background in law – check

If accused of being a terrorist you forfeit all due process and are to be detained without trial just like our for fathers intended - check

Benghazi!!!! – check

Saying “God is the greatest” in Arabic should piss you off – check

People on welfare are living high on the hog – check

Non- Christian are all moocher that want to take all your money then kill you – check

Ranting aimed at pulling emotional strings while ignoring laws and facts – check

Did I miss anything? I should make a drinking game out of this…

gruaud said...

@ anon

"Are they just trolling or do they really feel like somehow THEY are a persecuted minority?"

I think it's a little more sinister than that. I contend that they are projecting what they would like to do to the rest of us. We saw signs of that during the regime of Bush the Lesser, egged on by Rove and Cheney.

A great example is the constant eliminationist rhetoric contained in many of these RWF's.

ferschitz said...

Eh? I think the PTB use the Victimizing stance as a strategy to make the gullible rubes feel both "important," and to feel that the all of these various nefarious forces are aligned against them.

It's all about distracting them & baffling them with bullshit in order that they don't realize how they're voting against their own interests, whilst the 1% is massively ripping them off.

Different propoganda techniques are used on Democratic voters for similar reasons & outcomes.

Baffle with bullshit & lies - check

Hype up tribalistic identity emotionalism - check

Make the rubes feel that evil forces are aligned against them only - check

Lie that the USG is somehow going to take away their Fake Noise pacifier - check

In the meantime, whilst Fake is sending forth dumbo Barbie Dolls to vent and bitch in a racist fashion, the rightwing rubes completely miss the boat on what's really going on - check.

It's much the same thing we've seen here with the recent troll shouting about how Obama has hot gay steamy love affairs and hence should be impeached. This works well with rightwingers who have been carefully brainwashed to believe that being gay is the epitome of all evil. What a good way to dominate & control these dolts. And then say: YIKES Obama has hot steamy sex with men!!!! Wow - he should be impeached!!!111!!!111!!!!

Why would we impeach Obama for gay sex? That's so stupid. But hey: great shiny object of *distraction* for these barking loon idiot morans.

And so on: lather, rinse, repeat.

ferschitz said...

P.S. The other reason for the corporate fascists to spew out the Victimizing b.s. is that it creates fear, Fear, FEAR in the rubes. Fearful rubes are very easily manipulated.

My observation is that after a while, the rubes get addicted to their fear... guess it makes them feel alive and important or something.

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