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Subject: FW: Sandy Hook and the Secound Amendment

FW: Sandy Hook and the Secound Amendment

Sandy Hook and the Second Amendment
Susan Stamper Brown

December 18, 2012 1:00 pm
emotions running high in response to the heart wrenching events that took place
at the Sandy Hook Elementary School December 14, many of my liberal friends and
family members believe now is the perfect time for gun control
heartbreaking as it is that 20 children in Connecticut will not have the chance
to open Christmas presents, celebrate birthdays, go on a first date, drive a
car, graduate, get married, and have kids, there are millions of kids out there
who will. And they are the reason why the rest of us need to fight for the
freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution which Progressives are so
predictably willing to give away.
Americans were able to corporately exhale upon hearing the news about the
Connecticut shooting, liberals hopped on the gun control bandwagon. One of
MSNBC's many loose cannons, Ed Schultz, went on a rant saying, "Hiding behind
the Second Amendment doesn't cut it anymore," and described our founders as
slave-owning bigots. It's real hard to wrap your hands around the hypocrisy of
those who cry giant crocodile tears over the loss of these 20 precious children
(and they should), but care little about millions of children who will never see
the light of day due to abortion.
here we go again; Progressives are manipulating the Sandy Hook massacre as a way
to strike down the Second Amendment. Truth is, gun control is like putting a
bandage on a gaping wound. Seems to me a better solution is to do something
about the culture of violence currently destroying our society from the inside
out -- and place armed guards in schools in the meantime. Chances are, had one
been at Sandy Hook, I wouldn't be writing about it today.
may date myself here, but when I was a kid, I didn't stay inside playing violent
computer games or watching violent movies; I played outside with real people who
picked flowers in the spring, climbed trees in the summer, jumped in leaf piles
in the fall, and ice skated on frozen ponds in the winter. And I grew up to be a
responsible citizen and gun owner.
I've written before, if you listen to liberals long enough it's not too long
before you find yourself in Bizarro World. And in the case of the Second
Amendment, Progressives like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) pretzel it into
something it is not. On "Meet the Press" December 16, Feinstein inferred arming
school guards is a crummy idea because "the rights of the few" (i.e. the
millions who own guns) would, in her world, somehow "overcome the safety of the
majority." Say, what? Bizarro.
brokenhearted as we all are over what happened in Connecticut, gun control will
not stop those lacking certain emotional filters from doing bad things to
children — and others. Policies in China, for example, make it largely illegal
for private citizens to own and sell guns. Possession or sale of a gun can lead
to anywhere from a 3 year prison term to the death penalty. I digress to mention
that because the Chinese government has little regard for human life, gun laws
were devised to protect the tyrannical Chinese government from its citizens
rather than the other way around.
people find a way to do bad things, and in the case of the Chinese, crazy people
are still hurting children. Oddly, on the same day the Sandy Hook massacre took
place, a knife-wielding Chinese man stabbed almost two dozen children at an
elementary school in central China. And he found a way to do it although the
Chinese government recently enacted strict knife regulation measures after a
spate of deadly knife and cleaver attacks on school children in China in 2010,
killing 20 and wounding 50.
long, the Chinese will be eating steak with teaspoons, and so will we -- if we
relinquish our Second Amendment rights to those who would rather steal the
rights of the masses than address our society's moral decline. With that in
mind, the best gift we can give our kids this Christmas is a future filled with
the promise of freedom.


LiberalGunner said...

Did this just blame video games? Video Games are what Rock and Roll was 40-50 years ago. It is the new counter culture.

Anonymous said...


CharlieE said...

Video Games are what Rock and Roll was 40-50 years ago.

A few years before that, Rock and Roll was what comic books had been a few years before.

gruaud said...

Frank Rich is making sense.


Anonymous said...

Tl;dr: Yeah, but look at all the kids who HAVEN'T been killed by guns!

Thx 4 Fish said...

In that knife attack in China on the same day as Sandy Hook - zero children died from their wounds. Some weapons are just more dangerous than others. Large knives do more damage than small ones and ammo clips that hold large numbers of bullets are more dangerous than those that hold less. But....LIBERALS....and ABORTION! But, hey lets not get too emotional about any of this!

Anonymous said...

It's vaguely amusing watching gun nuts try to shift the blame from the toys they like (guns) to the ones they don't (video games).

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