The difference between the Supreme Court and the Klu Klux Klan is that the

members of the Supreme Court wear black robes and scare white people.


Marc with a C said...

Way to go, conservatives! SCOTUS was much better when it was handing down decisions like Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson instead of abominations like Brown v. Board of Education.

gruaud said...

This current incarnation of SCOTUS should scare everybody.



ferschitz said...

I admit that I am scared of the current SCOTUS, and I happen to be white. However, *everyone* in the USA - no matter what race or ethnicity - should be afraid of the SCOTUS, as they continue to chip away at ALL of our rights.

Not to mention the execrable "Citizens United" decision in Jan 2009, which bascially put paid to even minor delusions that the USA is a "democracy." We are now wholly owned by the corporations. Corporate fascism isn't scary just for white people.

This propoganda is engaging in false equivalencies... something which the corporate fascists love to do. Be Aware.

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