Fw: The Moral High Ground?

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Anonymous said...

Are they really trying to claim that rednecks with their hunting rifles defeated Hitler and Stalin?

Sorry, no. But those two (and many, many others like them) managed to kill tens of millions thanks to the guns that they owned. So... yay guns?

Anonymous said...

Why do the pro-Life people keep claiming the moral high ground? They only care about the unborn fetus. As best as I can figure the general logic of a conservative is: "You better have that kid and I better not have the pay for it". Once it is born then it is a free loader that is using their hard earned money for medical care, education, financial assistance, etc.
To rein it all in, the "gun control" that is being proposed is to make it harder, not impossible, for people in particular with mental illness to go on shoot sprees and killing adults and children like what happened at Sandy Hook. Nobody is taking your guns away! If they stopped hyperventilating for a minute and actually attempted reasonable discussion, it seems like the pro-Life people would be on board with that.

ferschitz said...

Why do they call themselves "Pro-Life" when clearly they are so besotted with guns 'n ammo, that they don't give one flying shit how many living, breathing, sentient babies, kids, teens, adults, seniors get BLOWN away quite regularly by all these guns owned by all these gun-nuts???

And I'm not even talking that much about the bloody massacres that have been happening with stunning regularlity. Nay, verily, there's a ton of gun deaths annually in Team USA. Either homocides of various kinds and/or "accidents" that happen with great regularity.

What the EFF is so damn "Pro-Life" about that??

Oh yeah: these gibbering fools didn't kill a fetus: so it's all A-OK. Except that there are fetuses killed as well by gun violence. However, it *appears* that IF a fetus is killed by gun violence: Hey COOL. NO PROBLEM.

It's ONLY a "problem" if someone has a termination.


These people really need their heads examined, except I surely don't want THAT job.

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