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I think I'll keep mine!

Subject: A Defenseless Population
Compare this video with  riots  in Los Angeles.  How will we protect ourselves when the masses come down the streets again? See the 1960's era riots in Watts with these outbreaks.
In God We Trust


Anonymous said...

Its an infomercial. A gun industry infomercial, created and pitched by the gun industries number 1 sales force, the NRA. The only thing missing is a "call now, supplies are limited" tag at the end.

No pretense about hunting or the need to keep that evil, tyrannical government in check. Just pure fear of the "masses", those faceless hoards of undesirables who we all know are just waiting to flood over the horizon intent on raping and pillaging.

Ironically they use the British riots as an example of these evil hoards which need to be kept at bay with the holy gun, but for some reason they never mention Britains incredibly low gun death rate.

So that's their trade off: feed tens of thousands of people into the death machine every year just so we can be armed against this hypothetical invasion of "the masses". All hail Moloch!

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