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Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 9:47 PM




Anonymous said...

So true. I'm reminded of that old adage, "Straw men can't squeeze blood from a glass house."

gruaud said...

Except that's not how liberals think at all.

That's how you're TOLD we think. Why don't you actually exchange ideas with a real, live liberal?

Because that might confuse and upset you, eh?

Reality isn't FOX news, little cartoonist.

Anonymous said...

Does supporting Muslims mean not buring Crosses in their yards? Or not going to a Sikh Temple (not Muslim) and shooting a bunch of them? If so then I guess I'm a huge supporter...

Anonymous said...

Charles Schultz would be turning in his grave at this asshole stealing and crapping all over his characters.

ferschitz said...

Behold: fascist propoganda.

This is how "conservatards" are manipulated into fiercely believing something that simply isn't true. But then again, why choose reality when cocooning oneself in a fictional fantasty fairytale land seems like so much "fun"???

It's all about the PTB/1% pitting segments of the 99% against one another. "Pushing out propoganda like this obstructs discussion of the massive upward redistribution of income over the last three decades. The upward redistribution has shifted roughly ten percentage points of GDP ($1.6 trillion annually) to the richest one percent of the population at the expense of the rest of the population." Dean Baker

Go figure. Guess "conservatards" prefer feeling mightly "right" whilst dissing so-called "leftards." Who cares that our wages are stagnant and our standard of living has radically dropped, whilst our infrastructure goes to wrack & ruin?? I get to diss libtards by smearing them with utterly false information.

Yippeeee! Hooray for MY TEAM!

Way to go, Conservatards. Doing just what the 1% wants you to do: be dumb, stupid & easily satisfied with bullshit.

Kevin said...

What Charles Schulz, conservative Christian, *actually* had to say to right-wing Christianists:


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