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Anonymous said...

Yes, how observant. America is destroyed. Los Angeles is ruled by Judge Dredd. Raiders scavenge for gas in the wastes of New York. Electricity and running water are but a story on the lips of old-timers.

Or, on a much smaller scale, please remind me: which party wanted to strip any protections from the unemployed when Wall Street and the banks took their money and ran for the hills?

gruaud said...

This is what really destroyed your country.


And they fool you again and again. When are you going to learn?

CharlieE said...

I see lots of comments here and there from people who claim that Obama is destroying our country. What I never see is some sort of explanation regarding how he's supposed to be doing this.

He can't get any legislation passed due to Republican obstructionism, so how, exactly, has he managed to singlehandedly destroy America? What's the mechanism?

ferschitz said...

According to Wingnutistan, Obama is ALL of these at once:

- completely & radically incompetent

- unqualified for the job

- not even a US citizen (even though he is)

- a Socialist who keeps "stealing" all of the Wingnuts' money

- an evil than eviler Nazi

- an idiot who can't figure out is butt from a hole in the ground

- an "N" word

- a sly, silver-tongued, devious liar who has fooled everyone

- useless

- an Anti-American horror who has single-handedly "ruined" the Country (let's just ignore anything & everything that happened before he was ever elected)

- did I mention that he's an "N" word? And is "giving away everything" but only to other "N" words

- etc. You get the idea.

So I guess today's "Obama," according to this rightwing think tank, is the evil than eviler Obama who is "ruining" everything single-handedly (let's ignore anything & everything that came before, plus anything & everything that is happening in Congress, etc).

Simple "answers" for the simple-minded.

Padre Mickey said...

I've seen this same thing with George W. Bush's photo at the bottom, which is more accurate, of course.

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