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Date: Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 1:16 PM


Anonymous said...

You're an EYESORE for saving that as a JPEG.

But the reason you're (possibly!) all of those other things is the way you use those personal beliefs as a cudgel to beat down anyone you don't like. That's a lesson everyone can learn from, unless they're too PROUD to follow the Golden Rule.

CharlieE said...

You're also poorly informed, and are likely proud of that, too.

gruaud said...

Oh, you finally gettin' tired of being called out on your hypocritical bullshit by everybody else?

Well, yes, you and your ilk ARE all those things.

But not even remotely for the facile and intellectually dishonest reasons you put forth.

ferschitz said...

I, for one, certainly WELCOME anyone who truly "blows the whistle" on our currently very "corrupt government." I don't care how they vote or how they label themselves.

Yet what I see conservatives "blowing the whistle" is a bunch of senseless nonsense such as most of what's ennumerated in this propoganda.

WHERE, specifically, is Sharia Law being enforced in the USA? And if you can point that out factually, then HOW come you are not similarly worried by, for ex, some very strict Orthodox Jewish sects enforcing their versions of Jewish law amongst their believers??? Why is one religious "law" ok, but the other is not?

You are an IDIOT, not just a birther, if you continue to question Obama's country of birth. You are a dupe, a fool, and wasting everyone's time, including your own.

YOU conservatives labeled YOURSELVES "Teabaggers." It wasn't the so-called "left" who came up with that label. Why are you whiiiining about it now?

No one I know would call you a "religious fanatic" for "believing Jesus Christ died for your sins." THAT's not why you *might* be viewed as a fanatic. Nice try. Engaging in false equivalencies, per usual, plus indulging yourselves in your beloved persecution complexes, which have nothing to do with reality. No one particularly cares HOW you worship. It's only when you use your so-called "beliefs" as a cudgel to browbeat others that it becomes fanaticism. How 'bout reading a dictionary once in a while?

From what I can see these days, absolutely NO conservatives truly "support the troops." IF you really believe you do, then explain HOW, exactly, YOU are "supporting" them?? It's been mostly rightwing Republicans who've voted against troop pay raises, improved troop benefits, and more money for VA. Simply mouthing platitudes - and maybe giving money to Sean Hannity's discredited "troop" charity - in no way realistically "support the troops." So yeah: you probably are a gratuitous War Monger, who has no relatives in the forces. Hypocrits!

trnc said...

"What's your point?"

I guess my point would be that I've never seen so many straw man arguments bundled together before.

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