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Subject: FW: Who Am I?

Very interesting !
Very interesting !


I found this interesting.  It is mind provoking to say the least.


Thx 4 Fish said...

More like mind-numbing. I didn't listen all the way to the end. It starts out listing the false rightwing history of Pres Obama, you can get the same stuff from the archives here.

Beeznuts said...

"Mind-provoking" is a great term.

That said, what religion are they claiming Hitler converted from? And in what alternate universe were concerns about his real name?

Or is the similarity the fact that these biographical details apply to neither Hitler nor Obama?

gruaud said...

You're trying to equate a moderate conservative with Naziism.

Fail again, dimwits.

You have no fucking CLUE how far all of you have drifted off course. Overton Window. You used it as a wrecking bar and now you're trapped in the rubble.

And I know how you can fix this Catch-22 facing the GOP, but I'll be damned if I'll tell you. You'll either figure it out or you won't.

I bet you won't.

Anonymous said...

The birther bullshit starts about 4 seconds in. Not so much "thought provoking" as "a lie".

ferschitz said...

I can't be bothered. Thanks for some clues to the idiocy this appears to be.

"Mind provoking" isn't even the correct phrase to use. It should be "thought provoking."

Sounds like the only thing this does is provoke endless stupidity.

Anyway, just the other day the Tea Partiers were passing around photos of Karl Rove photoshopped in Heinrich Himmler's photo.

So which is it, TeaTardz?? Obama as Hitler? KKKarl Rove as Hitler?? Stalin as Hitler?? Hitler as Pol Pot??


Hooray4US said...

I find it sort of interesting - in the way that you know you shouldn't look at that bad car wreck on the highway, but you can't look away - how much IN LOVE the Tea Partiers are with Adolf Hitler!

What's up with that? They LOVE to talk about Hitler. They LOVE to compare people to him. They love to bandy Hitler's picture about and/or photoshop other people as Hitler.

Weird. Go figure. Some sort of Oedipus Complex, I'm thinking. Freud could probably have a field day.

Kevin said...

There were non-Germans who thought it was funny to pretend that Adolf's last name was Schicklgruber, because his father's birth name was Alois Schicklgruber. But Alois took his adoptive father's name while still a child. Adolf never had the Schicklgruber name.

This whole post is an exercise in Kinbote's Law: "With sufficient effort and ingenuity, any narrative can be found hiding within another narrative."

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