Fw: [SPAM] Fw: The Liberal Mentality

Subject: Fw: [SPAM] Fw: The Liberal Mentality

Since I be votin’ for Obama, my taxes have gone up,
my employer stopped offering health insurance and
my guns were taken away.
Damn you George Bush.


Anonymous said...

Oh, we have plenty of other Republicans to blame now, unfortunately.

Also, does this count as progress for RWFs in allowing this pretend black guy to have a job, rather than presuming he's on welfare?

Anonymous said...

Projection. Always projection.

I honestly wonder how some wingnuts hold down any sort of steady employment, with their willingness to believe things that are flatly false and to pass along lies as truth. Would you hire such a person to work at your company? To interact with clients and handle money? How do these people function?

CharlieE said...

His taxes went up AND his employer dropped his insurance?

I'm supposed to believe that he has a job that pays wages above $400,000 per year?

And in what universe has anyone taken anybody's guns away?


Thx 4 Fish said...

Anon 2: Your description of right wing workers is in alignment with what passes for 'working' in the financial sector. I work with a few RWers at my small company--it is very frustrating to watch them make mistakes based on an unrealistic idea of the world works and an inflated view of their own abilities. RWers like to say that the free market works better than government, but as a private sector worker for all my adult life, I see a lot of waste, a lot of incompetence, and not so much accountability. But that, I think, is human nature.

Mr_Creosote said...

I must compliment the author of this RW forward on his ability to condense the unread, rabidly partisan conservative worldview into bumper sticker length and still stroke the paranoid gun nuts.

I also concur with the observations of other posters regarding RW coworkers. The ones I know are all about "me me me". Lazy as hell yet demand the most of others. "The customer is always right" only when they are the customer. They want everyone else but themselves to work for peanuts so that their own spending power is increased. Vile hypocrites, the lot of them.

gruaud said...

I gotta shake my head. It's like the writer tried to start out in African-American vernacular, and then said 'fuck it' and finished it off in RW boilerplate.

At least put some effort into your lying.

Marc with a C said...

Oh noes! Dem crackas done stole mah watermelun!1!!

Remind me again how the GOP doesn't have a problem with race?a

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