Fw: Liberals

Subject: Fw: Liberals
Subject: Liberals



Anonymous said...

Conservatives: can pass 1000 anti-choice measures, vote 30+ times to repeal PPACA, and vote multiple times to end medicare as we know it, but can't be bothered to renew the violence against women act.

And who exactly lied about Benghazi, and how did those "lies" lead to any deaths? Please proceed, wingnuts.

gruaud said...

Oh come, now. When has Obama EVER had an expression like that? He is as cool as (and more patient than) a glacier. Dick Cheney, on the other hand, usually has either a snarl or a sneer.

The little red star on Hillary's jacket was an especially nice touch, though. That WAS supposed to be Hillary, right?

Anonymous said...

Liberals haven't been in Congress for decades, but it takes some balls to accuse anyone other than Republicans of failing to actually pass a budget for the past four years.

Marc with a C said...

My favorite Hank Williams, Jr. quote was when he compared Netenyahu and Obama having golf to Hitler and a Jew having golf, and thus the Three Stooges.

Just proving that Hank Williams, Jr. can't count past two.

gruaud said...

My favorite Benghazi Hysteria moment was when it was pointed it out that 11 embassies were attacked and 53 people where killed under Dumbya's steely gaze (or was it his infamous deer-in-the-headlights look after 9/11?). Hard to tell.

Crickets chirping?

You could have heard a dust particle drop on a bed of feathers from these fucking hypocrites.

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