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Beeznuts said...

There are several valid answers to this rhetorical question, so I'll get us started with the easy one: they don't.

It's relatively easy to keep a heart beating these days. Kind of important when you have organs to harvest. But if there's no brain activity, the friendly robots can keep your heart beating all day long. You're still dead.

More practically, you're pronounced dead when the decision is made that it's useless to try to resuscitate you. Perhaps we should ask OB-GYNs when they feel a fetus has progressed sufficiently that it becomes worth protecting?

CharlieE said...

I'll take the right to life movement seriously when they:

1. Become as devoted to birth control and sex education as they are to opposing abortion.

2. Stop supporting war and torture.

3. Stop supporting the death penalty.

They're obviously not serious about being pro-life, so why should I treat them as though they are?

Mr_Creosote said...

Good observations Charlie. Typical christian conservative hypocrisy. They love "life" but they hate people.

Anonymous said...

Petty much sums it up...


ferschitz said...

How about: I'll take the so-called "Right to Lifers" seriously when they, in turn, STOP inciting lunatic nutjobs to grab their guns and go kill living, breathing adults who are doing legal medical work?

These so-called piously self-righteous ersatz moralist Christianinsts love to clutch their pearls on a fainting couch when someone like Scott Roeder kills someone like Dr. George Tiller in cold blood and say: why why why, we didn't mean for that to happen!

Well how did Roeder get to the point that he *believed* what he did was "God's Will"??? Why because these incendiary haters pushed the meme that Docters & other medical personnel providing women with all kinds of legal and legitmate pre-natal medical care *deserve* what they "get."

PTOUI! Load of hypocrits. They all indulge themselves in fetus-love at the expense of living adults, including pregnant women whose very lives are compromised by the pregnancies.

And this piece of propoganda is a double lie because once the fetus pops out and starts breathing oxygen, the ever-so-moralistic "Right to Lifers" then begin to shriek at it: pull yourself up by your bootstraps you lazy, slacking baby!! We are certainly NOT going to waste OUR pious & "hard earned" money on you (esp if you happen to be dusky hued).

Load of sentimental, deliberately misleading claptrap.

gruaud said...

Fetal heartbeat 18 days after conception. Ok, finally, we get a line in the sand.

Great, then RU486 is ok. Welp, that solves THAT crisis.

We're all on board now. Good job, neanderthals! We can make it available to anyone in need, especially rape victims. And we need never resort to Saline, D+C or any other procedure. Happy? Of course not.
But there is the opening, and you provided it.

Please resume your war on women in other avenues. Especially on rape and sexual harassment. As soon as you can figure those out, we'll take it from there.

Marc with a C said...

Actually, you are declared dead when your brain ceases neurological function. Fetuses don't begin to show EEG activity until between weeks 24 and 27. Ergo, we're good up until the beginning of the third trimester.

Anonymous said...

So if Marc with a C was aborted before the 24th week, there would be no loss of life. How generous Marc is with the life of others. The problem is no fetus has been declared dead before the 24th week unless it is killed.

Anonymous said...

And yet, Anonymous, we Americans do not even take the most basic steps to ensure the health, safety, and proper upbringing of our own children.

If fetuses are so sacred, why not also talk about America's terrible infant mortality rate, which leaves us 34th in the world?

Is it truly compassionate to force a child to be raised unwanted and ill-cared for?

Marc with a C said...

"The problem is no fetus has been declared dead before the 24th week unless it is killed."

Congratulations, anonymous. Somehow, you made it to adulthood without developing a functioning brain.

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