Fw: the new military!

Subject: Fw: the new military!
Subject: FW: : The Best Yet!!


Anonymous said...

I for one am proud to have such dedicated professionals defending me and wearing the uniform of my nation.

Also, that woman's hair is not regulation. She would have to put it up while in uniform both as a matter of regulations and practicality.

ferschitz said...

Geez, you want everlasting WAR, Inc, but then you have "issues" with the vagina-challenged and teh gheyz serving??? Well, are YOUR spawn serving in the Military?

I can absolutely guarantee that the spawn of the 1% are NOT. So where's the Military supposed to get the grunts to wear the boots on the ground?

And you wanna vetch and whine about nonsense like this?? I thought you Left Behind "Christianists" were all up with Israel. So buy a clue. Israel's had women in the infantry and teh gheyz for years.

I happen to be a pacifist, but if women want to fight in WAR, Inc, and if gays want to serve: fine by me.

Hooray4US said...

Look Ma: a ThreeFer!

Sexist & women-hating: check!
Homophobic: check!
Racist: check!

Way to go, conservatives. That there Southern Strategy's just the ticket for you. Works like a charm every time.

Blaney said...

Shorter "New Military"

I hate women, gays and minorities so much that I don't even want them in the Military. So there! Take that, you dirty Liberals.

Anoner said...

Another Shorter "New Military"

Support the Troops!

Except if they're gay, minorities or women. Then feck 'em.

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