Fw: Land of the freebies

This is less than 4 minutes long - it is well worth watching.

This will blow your mind!!!!



Anonymous said...

The website is called "staged".

Apparently we're all being "enslaved", but without the chains and walls and actually being slaves.

And the best possible investment now is "being poor". Makes you wonder why the Koch brothers haven't given away all their money in order to take advantage of this great new "investment".

gruaud said...

I watched a talk at TED on how to tell when someone is lying. There were many good points and some eye-opening give-aways, but I think the most interesting point made is that lying is a two-way street. The lying liars, and the people who can suspend skepticism or caution so that they can accept the lie.

People fall for lies because of what they desire, because it feeds their beliefs, justifies their hatreds, and so on.

These are the easiest people to lie to. Mitt Romney lied constantly, and constantly gave himself away, either flagrantly or more covertly -- you could see it in his expressions and body language, not just the words coming out of his mouth. And yet millions of people still voted for him. Millions of people, desperate to hear what they wanted to hear, not the truth.

ferschitz said...

Sorry, baggerz, but my mind was "blown" a long time ago but much more relevant and important things than this nonsensical bullshit. But if this "blows" your pea brains, well... that probably explains a lot...

I guess the amazing thing is if the 'baggers can hold their gnat-like attention span on whatever this dipshit stuff is for 4 whole minutes.

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