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"...Here's one I received from my grandmother today (forwarded to me in disgust, not sharing it's sentiment):" -Dan

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Matto the Hun said...

This might be one the most mean, rotten, disgusting and ignorant ones I've seen so far.

I feel really bad for Dan that he got this from his grandmother. I know if I had gotten this from my mother or grandmother, I would be crushed.

I think Right Wing Dad, should put the most offensive emails together and publish a book with a title like: The Right Wing Party of Hate, The Republican Party: Keeping Hate Alive... something like that.

The only way anyone can look at this meanness laid out in front of them and not conclude the the right is full of hate would be that they are a part of that party.

Matto the Hun said...

EDIT! to my above comment.

I just reread Dan's statement and realized I misread his comment and got it completely backwards.

Much relief, and very glad to see that Dan's grandmother did NOT share the sentiment AT ALL.

This'll teach me to read this blog first thing in the morning.

over and out

Matto the Hun said...

Here's a great response to these sorts of emails:

Erin said...

1) One, ugh. "Your."
2) I don't get it. Are they saying Obama is ugly? What? Have these people not seen the Atlantic cover with McCain on it?

Erin said...

(Matto, that picture was hilarious, thanks!)

Leopold Stotch said...

"Is your head up your ass?"

No it was in a prison camp cause somebody couldn't fly straight.

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