RE: Presidential Plane

"My right wing Dad sent this, and I was unsure whether to submit it. It's not funny, only racist and mean-spirited. Sadly, it had a ton of forwards. " -Scott

We hear you Scott. I have suffered that same shock and debate at the sight of "hilarious" forwards like these. Click on the "racism" key word below for more examples. What decade is this, anyway?

-------begin embarrassingly racist forward---------

Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 8:19 PM
Subject: Presidential Plane


Matto the Hun said...

psssst/// hey... right-wing douche-bag... your mask slipped off, I can see your real face!

Anonymous said...

If anyone's wondering, the Arabic is a proverb about health. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama and was probably copied and pasted at random.

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