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My husband and I both work hard for what little we have. My husband is brave soldier in the Army and I myself work several jobs. I work as a receptionist for a dentist office and also have my own independant business through Quixtar. In addition, I also work full-time as the proud mother of three wonderful children. Raising them, I have always stressed the importance of living by the rules and having respect for laws. But it is difficult because our society tolerates those who disrespect our rules and mooch off honest taxpayers like ourselves.
Like many Americans, my husband and I are disturbed by the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants who steal the jobs of decent, hard-working Americans. It is easy to feel powerless about this since our government cares more about helping FELONS than my family. But it's not hopeless. I'd like to share an experience my family had that proves there ARE things the average citizen can do to show that we will no longer tolerate Mexican CRIMINALS in our country.
On Sundays, my husband and I take our family out to lunch after church. Our favorite place to go is usually the Applebee's but last weekend, for a change of pace, we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant that recently opened up in the shopping center next to the Home Depot. It did not take long for us to realize that we'd made a mistake...
Besides the food being extremely overpriced (it cost seven dollars for a simple beef and bean burrito!) our waitress could barely speak or understand English. It took almost five minutes for my family to order since we had to repeat what we said several times before she understood. In addition to that, she was very lazy. She was very slow whenever we wanted our chips refilled, and completely ignored us when we asked for medium spicy salsa. All three times, the stuff she gave us was too spicy for ANY person to handle. She seemed to do it just to spite us.
The salsa was in fact so hot that it gave me a stomach ache and I had to go to the restroom even before our food arrived. The door to the kitchen was right by the ladies room and as I was walking past, I noticed that all the workers inside were Mexican and speaking spanish. It also looked filthy in there and I noticed that most of the workers were handling the food with their bare hands and weren't even wearing hair nets! I even saw one of those illegal immigrants scratch their armpit before picking up a tortilla that one of my children could have eaten! My stomach lurched when I saw this.
When I returned from the bathroom, our food had FINALLY arrived, but I could barely eat any of it after the filthy food handling I'd witnessed in the kitchen. It upset me even more to know that even if a health inspector came here, this "restaurant" would be exempt from any fines since it was being run by illegal immigrants.
The bill finally came. The total came out to 52 dollars with the tax. We decided to pay cash since we were afraid of giving these people our credit cards. But when it came to figuring out the tip, I took out my pen and wrote this little note on the back of our bill:
"Our family rewards good service. We usually tip no less than 15%. Since our bill was $52, that would come out to a $7.50 tip for serving my family this Sunday.
"Your service was only so-so, but since you are obviously having problems with our language and I will give you the benefit of the doubt and give you the full 15%...
"However, I will be taking out the $14 million a year our country spends on food stamps, government assisted housing, and welfare benefits to your families...
"...in addition to the $20 million a year you steal from our economy to send to your families in Mexico so they don't have to work...
"...add to that the $10 million a year our school systems have to pay to educate your children, who you refuse to teach English as every immigrant in this country who entered before you has had to..."
"...and also the $200 BILLION in taxes you DON'T have to pay to support all these programs you take advantage of...
"So all told, YOU OWE US $2.5 BILLION dollars.
"But don't worry...we'll accept the $7.50 we were going to tip you as a downpayment on that massive debt. Have a nice day!"
As we left that restaurant, it occured to me that if every American did this, perhaps things could start to change. The restaurant industry is one of the main supporters and beneficiaries of illegal immigration, and if everyone started CHARGING illegals for what they steal from this country, we would send a message that we will no longer pay for their welfare, nor support the dilution of our language and culture.
So please forward this e-mail to everyone in you know. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


SJT said...

It upset me even more to know that even if a health inspector came here, this "restaurant" would be exempt from any fines since it was being run by illegal immigrants

Um... ok. Why exactly would a place be exempt?

Wait, never mind. There I go, thinking rationally again. I've clearly missed the point of this "story".

Anonymous said...

And the moral of the story is:

Don't eat at Applebees.

And just to add to what sjt said above; According to you (the letter, not sjt) none of these immigrants pay taxes, yet if they are EMPLOYED by Applebees they most certainly are having taxes taken out of their paycheck, as well as the tip jar.

As for the rest of the letter, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, thanks to whomever submitted it.

Anonymous said...

Of course this screed can't be real. But let's assume it is. So, I'm going to stereotype here too. Why does it seem that people who go to "church" are so cheap?

(anecdotally, of course)

Anonymous said...

Remember, the mouth breather math:

Spanish speaking=illegal.
illegal=someone who takes but doesn't give.

Therefore: Brown and Spanish speaking people can be treated without common courtesy.


C.M. Gonzalez said...

Hang on, she was able to fit all of that on the back of the bill?

Anonymous said...


Oh man, we have a winner!

Here, you have it all: the husband who's in the military, the poor, poor, overworked white mother of three (practically a martyr she is!) the EVOL MEAN Mexican restaurant owners (who are somehow illegal aliens even though they run a restaurant so obviously have a business license, charge sales tax, hire employees, etc. etc.), and AWWWW the salsa was too spicy and it gave the saintly mother a tummy ache - but don't you know it was those evil Mexicans who did it out of SPITE.

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Keep collecting these! And now I'm actually hoping my wingnut relatives send me more forwards so I can send them to you! XD

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