MRWD: Easier on the Eyes?

New Layout. Like it? Does it load ok? Can you read it all right?


Anonymous said...

Looks good from here!

Batocchio said...

Hmm. I like the site, but I wonder if a wider main column would make the posted forwarded e-mails more readable.

Alicia said...

it takes far too long to load for my taste, and i agree that the column should be wider. I end up not being able to scroll down while waiting for the page to load, and the small column and big text means I can read less while I'm waiting.

Mike and Friends said...

Thanks for the input. I agree, the first column is too narrow. When I tweaked the width in HTML it didn't widen, instead it created a narrow rectangle on the right.

So I may change it up again with a little less restrictive template. I don't want to cram these expansive forwards into a restrictive box. That would be unamerican.

Insert opportune government deregulation comment here.


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