Clear Channel talk radio uses MRWD forward as a source

Hazzah for effort in news reporting! (and Kelly's right-wing forward emailing grandma)

The other day in a moment of boredom and science, I glanced at the Google analytics report of this blog. For those who don't know what that is, it's a free utility that gives you useful webmaster stats, like where readers come from and what browser they are using. For example: Most of you use FirfeFox (until this discovery), live near a coast and surf here from "organic sources" like Google. However, this time I noticed a strange bump of IE visitors surfing to this site from a new and most unusual source: A square state.

Meet Denver's source for conservative talk radio, NEWSRADIO 850, a station operated by Clear Channel Communications. Its AM format is a local source for news and voices like Rush Limbaugh and such. Like many news stations, they have a news blog that touches on the talking points of the day, such as drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR).

Guess which reputable source they linked to their readers concerning the topic of ANWR? Yep. A right-wing forward posted to this blog, your favorite reader-donated forward archive. I felt a small shiver down my spine knowing Colorado radio listeners were viewing this satirical "reference" blog of hilarious right-wing propaganda in an un-ironic fashion.

I wonder how many other conservative news outlets cite forwards as a hard news source. Chills.

See their uncompromising news entry here. Our entry donated by Kelly, sent her way from her dearly conservative grandma, is here.

Hey, at least they openly admit it's from an email. Which begs the ultimate question: Do most news consumers really care?


Anonymous said...

meh. they don't care.

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