Fwd: Fw: Cartoons and Memes: China —Here's Your Sign

China — Here's Your Sign


Make It Stop

For Your Own Good


Don't Cough on Me


Not Your President?

Take a Look


Never Forget

Fake News


Wash Your Hands

Travel Ideas


charlie said...

This Chinese virus is trying to turn me into a Democrat.

It should, as it has now become pretty obvious that the Republican-endorsed, employer-provided, for-profit healthcare doesn't work when everyone is ill and no one is working.

...he's your sugardaddy now.

That "government check" is only necessary because Trump botched the U.S. response to the virus in the first place.

Never forget the Democrat elite ruling class nearly killed a bill that would give relief to American families...

They didn't "nearly kill" a bill. They didn't vote for it, because it was a bad bill that included a $500 billion slush fund that would have allowed Donald Trump to give the money to any corporation he chooses without oversight. In fact, the bill was so badly written that he could have simply kept the money himself and no one would have to approve or even know.

Not sure how that was going to "give relief to American families," but I'm glad the Democrats didn't vote for it.

Trump made a man eat fishbowl cleaner.

No, he didn't. That stupid man did that on his own. But the guy WAS a Trump supporter, which says a lot about Trump supporters, doesn't it?

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