FW: FW: Funny how all the State with COVID-19 have Sanctuary Cites


charlie said...

If COVID-19 forces Planned Parenthood to close for weeks, the virus will have SAVED more lives than it has taken.

Two weeks of women not getting pap smears or breast exams, thus potentially preventing deaths from cancer, will save lives?

How does that work?

COvID-19 is a Chinese virus...That's racist.

COVID-19 is a disease, not a virus.

Calling the virus "Chinese virus" is racist, and it's intentional. It's to get people talking about racism, rather than the fact that Donald Trump is handling this crisis as badly as it can possibly be handled. Bonus - Republicans can now claim that Democrats are more concerned about racism than they are about people dying from Trump's ineptitude.

It's racist, it's intentional, and it's a red herring.

I mremember a man who said, "We need to close our borders."

...which Trump did, right after the airlines announced that they were discontinuing flights.

I mremember a man who said, "We need to become less dependent on other countries to survive."

...says the man who is now touting hydroxychloroquine, a French medication and the man who is now trying to import ventilators from China.

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