FW: FW: Where did all the Hand Sanitizer go?


Unknown said...

"Nuke China." RWD is not angry that anyone has been hurt or killed by COVID 19.

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

charlie said...

Signs of the times...

You can pray at home. You cannot purchase liquor or exercise your Constitutional right to choose at home.

Ben Garrison never offers any insight in his cartoons; he always goes for the simple and obvious. ...and he's always wrong.

If a $1200 stimulus check changes your live imagine what working would do!

Most people would work if they could, but Donald Trump's epically poor response to the COVID-19 threat made that impossible. No one will have their life "changed" by a $1200 stimulus check, but a few people might be able to use it to eat or pay rent.

If you can do this now, you can do this on election day

The Wisconsin primary made it pretty clear that having people stand in line to vote is potentially deadly.

So is standing close to someone at the grocery store.

Which is deadlier to our country?

The coronavirus, and it isn't close.

We'll be back with more news as soon as we make upp some!

Trump and Republicans claim that CNN is "fake news," yet they never offer any proof.

That's because there isn't any.

Fox News, on the other hand, called COVID-19 a Democratic plot to overthrow Donald Trump. You may draw whater conclusions you like from that.

Some. Lots. Nuke China

Why does anyone think we should nuke China because Donald Trump failed to take adequate precautions against a pandemic that people told him was coming?

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