charlie said...

Just mention canceling the 2020 presidential election until 2024...see how fast it disappears.

Canceling the election would require a Constitutional amendment, so that won't happen.

But how will simply mentioning this make a virus disappear? RWD doesn't say.

Let's see what makes corona so dangerous...the media

SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that can kill you, and it has killed thousands of people.

What does the media have to do with that?

This is why we need socialism

Socialism is a system of government where the state controls all means of production.

I'm not aware of anyone calling for that in the United States, COVID-19 or not.

Bernie Sanders says he has no point in running anymore since the coronavirus already made everyone unemployed.

Was making everyone unemployed part of Sanders' campaign platform? I do not recall that.


How many Republicans have to die from COVID-19 before they take this seriously?

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