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charlie said...

Donald Trump proposes to suspend the payroll tax. Democrats complain that it only affect people who are working and have jobs. Think about this for a minute.

Democrats weren't complaining that it only affected people who are working and have jobs. Democrats were complaining that it only affected people who receive paychecks.

I'm self-employed. I work, but don't get a paycheck. A payroll tax deduction would do nothing for me. That's true of lots of other people.

Remember 2009 when 61 million people had H1N1 and the stock market crashed...and we blamed Obama for not acting quickly enough?

The stock market crashed before Obama took office. He declared H1N1 an emergency before a single American had died from it.

Not really sure why RWD wants to compare Obama to Trump on this; Obama beats him in every way imaginable.

Obama even had a task force and a plan that would have been effective to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, but Trump got rid of the pandemic task force two years ago.

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