Fwd: Pay Attention!!!

Fwd: Pay Attention!!!


Anonymous said...

Obviously, Trump does care what they think, or else he wouldn't vomit out his little twitter-storms.

CharlieE said...

Rumor has it that his staff has to work overtime to keep him engaged. Otherwise, he spends all of his time yelling at TV news.

The amazing thing is that despite the fact that he's shown himself to be thin-skinned, ignorant, incurious, corrupt and epically inept, his base still thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I think that says more about the base than it does about the so-called President.

Latest - Angela Merkel had to tell him eleven times that the U.S. cannot engage in a trade agreement with Germany directly, but that it must engage with the EU instead.

The man's just not that sharp.

delagar said...

A meme created by someone who knows nothing about the behavior of lions or the character of Mr. Trump.

ferschitz said...

Trump's clearly and obviously in way over his head. Due to his narcissism and massive ego, combined with a driving need to see himself as king of everything and never wrong, it appears that Trump is unable, unwilling and uninterested in learning anything.

I think he never expected to win. Loved the campaigning bc of crowd adulation. He ran to improve his family's brand and to make as much money as possible offa the sheep out there - ya know, his adulating fans, about whom he could care less.

So this meme is essentially correct in that Trump doesn't give a rat's patoot about the opinions, needs or concerns of his adoring fans, much as they may believe that meme applies only to the LibTards.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

Anonymous said...

I read the transcript of the AP interview.

The man is nuttier than a pecan pie.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that anyone could read through the entire AP interview transcript. Worse than any of Tundra Trash Palin's word salads. Could only slog through the first paragraph or 2 myself.


Anonymous said...

"Opinions of sheep?"

Odd thing to say. An even worse thing to say about your fellow Americans.

One early-American in particular who wrote about needing the "decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation", to make "common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent."

Conservative - the modern name for "Tory".


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