Fw: Liberal Buffons.........

Subject: Liberal Buffons......... 

WARNING: this entertainment should cause these people to be embarrassed by  their own stupid statements!
So feel free to forward it to conservatives and liberals, young and old, who  got the election of Trump so wrong.


CharlieE said...

Clips of all kinds of people claiming that Trump would never be elected President.

All this means is that a lot of smart people underestimated the ability of a lot of stupid people to elect someone who was grotesquely unqualified for the job.

The truly amazing thing is that now that he's made it clear that he has no idea how any part of our government works, and now that he's accomplished virtually nothing during his first 100 days in office and has no achievements on the horizon, 96% of the people who voted for him say they'd do it again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who knew so many Americans were so stupid and hateful?

delagar said...

I guess if they could learn from their mistakes they wouldn't be conservatives.

ferschitz said...

All meant to pit Trump voters against those who didn't vote for him.

Divide and conquer. That's what's happened, as we can see how Trump is going to deliver almost nothing of any of promises, some of which would have been beneficial for most of us.

But while the Kochs and Mercers can continuously make most conservatives hate Hate HATE Libtards, the beat downs will continue.

Just you wait'll you see the outcome of Trump's tax bill. The already obscenely wealthy will get even more money offa the sweat labor of Trump's voters, while absolutely no jobs will be created.

How many times do we have to watch this game of Trickle Down Three Card Monte happen until RWD finally figures out that the wealthy hate his guts as much or more as they hate Libtards?

United we stand, and divided we continue to fall.

Good luck with that jawbs program, RWD, cuz it ain't gonna happen.

Oh and you thought Hillary Clintons Pay-to-Play "Foundation" was outrageous?? Just you wait 'till you see what Ivanka Trump does with her foundation! Why she's already got a ton of Middle Eastern dirty Muzlinz lined up to Pay to Play with her and her daddy. But let's all yell and shout about how horrible those camel jockies are. Feel better now?

King of Kayfabe Donnie at yer service. Like WWE, looks good but it's all scripted and nothing's really delivered. Suckahs!

Anonymous said...

Bonus points for 'kayfabe'

Anonymous said...

Liberal "Buffons"?

Home-schooled were you...?

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