Fwd: Hacked Election...omg!!!!!

Fwd: Hacked Election...omg!!!!!


delagar said...

Well, at least RWD is admitting that Trump lost the popular vote now.

That's something.

Later on we'll explain the electoral college to him.

CharlieE said...

The Right grows dumber by the day. They like it that way.

"I love the poorly educated." - Our so-called President, 2016

ferschitz said...

So RWD is as ignorant as a baby? It all makes sense now.

For one thing, to my knowledge, no one is accusing the Russians of "hacking" this election. The accusation is that they hacked or phished DNC emails and Podesta's emails and then released them via WikiLeaks. This is under dispute however.

So this propaganda is misleading RWD on numerous levels. Duly noted.

Anonymous said...

So now they admit Hillary won the popular vote? I thought it was all due to "illegal votes" (in deep blue states for some reason instead of swing states where they would matter)?

Anonymous said...

This is a quote from Rush Limbaugh, which explains the neutron-star level of density.

Hooray4US said...

I'm amazed that El-Lushbo admitted that Lock-Her-Up Hitlery actually won the popular vote. Rush is letting down the side! Better watch out. The Trumpstir might get mad at Limpdick for pushing Fake News.

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